Angelica Teixeira Instagram, Age, Height, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Angelica Teixeria is famous in Health and fitness model is inspirational for youth for many reasons. With time she has earned a special place in the heart of people. She has become a role model for many people and everyone loves her and admires her for her work and achievements. She has to go through many hurdles before she achieved this place. Angelica has even won Ms. Olympia’s title in the year 2017 and a fitness model and she is from Brazil originally.

Angelica Teixeira

Image credit Angelica Teixeira Instagram

Angelica Teixeira Instagram, Age, Height, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameAngelica Teixeria
Date of Birth
March 10th, 1985, Brazil
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer
Age35 Years as of Jan 2021
Height162 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net Worth$100k – $1M estimated
Social MediaInstagram – angelicaht

Twitter – angelicahtex

Youtube – channel

Angelica Teixeria childhood

However, Angelica Teixeria is the kind of child who loves to keep her childhood and family life private affair. That is the reason she is never found talking about her life and family instead her fans have witnessed her just talking about dreams and ideas. She said nobody has achieved without failing thousands of times, because thousand times give you time to prepare yourself and then make a huge comeback. Angelica was a lovely child but unlike soft she was more attracted towards things that make people strong and think about becoming strong.

Angelica Teixeira

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It was not of course easy when she decided that she wants to walk on the paths of gym and training sort of things but her parents fully supported her after listening to this. This is what made her think twice about her decision and she trusted her dreams and started with that little trust. That was the thing that brought her so close to this place and brought her even name and fame. Her childhood went nice and she spent most part of her childhood along with her parents by reading Shakespeare and watching WWE etc kind of stuff. So it was a childhood full of nurturing and care along with loss of learning and exposure. These exposures also gave her wide ways to discover things in her life and enjoy life to the fullest and the best.

Beginning of her training

When she told her parents about her passion than her parents immediately introduced her to the gym and admitted her there. That day she was so path and full of love and vibration as if she found something that she believed in. she says it was the best thing she encountered in her life and happened into her life. This also showed light to her and made her life differently than she ever would have imagined. Angelica Teixeria started with small like stretching and look at today life has totally changed. These little things made me realize that ‘before you start anything it seems impossible and difficult but when you start doing it, it becomes so easy and comfortable’ that you never realize once you thought it was next to impossible to do it. This feeling and experience would open a new door and make a new image of a self and you will learn a lot about yourself. This is also the first step of discovering yourself through the gym it just does not transform your body but your beliefs too along with the whole environment.

Angelica Teixeira Strict workout routine

Yes, following your routine is one of the toughest things but it is the thing which would decide about your future. If you do not believe you can try and look back at your life. Observe through that today wherever you are today is because of the actions you were taking. You must work so hard for yourself so that you can reach the place you want to reach. Angelica Teixeria has followed from cardio to strict diet plans. But at the same, there is nothing like a strict diet it is only about eating what is healthy for you. However, no one can force you to eat that but you have to convince yourself to eat that. All of these things matter when you are on the journey of becoming a gym enthusiast and also to become what you want. You can start with small and that small would lead you to great things. But meanwhile, you have to maintain your trust and faith in your work and into yourself.

Angelica Teixeria ‘Only Mantra to get succeed’ 

The only mantra to get success is to find love in the things you believe in and always keep the positive attitude towards that. Tough times will be there for anyone who is trying to do something good out of their lives but you should not be afraid of that, you should keep on moving with that. That is how you can find joy in things you believe in and learn something out of that. So just focus on the good and find out something best and you are there covering half of your path.

The other formula is that no one is going to save your ass but you have to wake up on your own and you have to take a step. Yes, you just cannot sit and wait for any miracle to happen but you need to trust yourself. You can do it by being a doer and there is nothing that can stop you. But you have to take responsibility for your own and you can’t rely on someone. When you would learn this you would definitely stick to that. Also, do not allow yourself to be mistreated these are some of the things you should keep for yourself, and one more key formula of getting success is loving yourself lot than expecting it from others.


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