Pauline Von Schinkel unknown facts

Pauline Von Schinkel

Being a celebrity is not just about becoming famous but it is more about responsibility. This responsibility is directly related to those who genuinely and sincerely take their job seriously and their popularity with wholeheartedly. When anyone becomes famous the person has this responsibility of handling their dignity and they also take many people in … Read more

How to Get Fit on a Budget

abs for women

Everyone wants to be physically fit whether for health reasons or to discover more confidence. These days there are lots of options when it comes to fitness. Many of these can be expensive. If you join a gym you may have to pay high premiums, depending on the gym. Other times, you may end up … Read more

Tips and Suggestions for the Running Addicted

Tips and Suggestions for the Running Addicted

Running may be an old passion or a new found interest but it is definitely a healthy lifestyle habit worth cultivating. Almost everyone can benefit from running and it is the most efficient route to weight loss as running it burns the most number of calories. The running addicted or those who can’t do without … Read more

Menopause dieting tips

menopause dieting tips

There is any number of supplements and treatments advertised as the answer to a menopausal woman’s prayers. You could spend a lot of time and money trying them all. Some do work but the best way to help menopausal symptoms is to eat a balanced diet. Check out some important Menopause dieting tips. WHAT SHOULD … Read more