Carol Saraiva Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Carol Saraiva is a Brazilian fitness model, trainer, and well-known celebrity. Carol caught people’s attention by uploading her fitness associated tips and workout videos, and photos on Instagram. Carol is famous for her carved body, which she attained through hard work in the gym for years. Carol Saraiva provides tips for perfect physique and shape. Here, in this article, you will get complete details about Carol Saraiva such as Bio, Wiki, Family, Education, Career, and Some Unknown Facts.

Carol Saraiva

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Carol Saraiva, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameCarol Saraiva
Date of BirthAugust 1, 1985, Brazil
ProfessionFitness Model and Coach
Age35 Years as of Jan 2021
Height165 cm
Weight60 kg – 65 kg
RelationshipNot Known
Net Worth$1M – $5M estimated
Social MediaInstagram – carolsaraivafitness

Carol Saraiva was born on 01st August 1985 in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Carol is 5’6 “(169 cm) tall, and her weight is 132 lb (60 kg). Carol Saraiva’s eye color is brown, and her hair shade is dark brown. The Zodiac sign is Leo, and she belongs to Brazilian nationality. The body proportions of Carol Saraiva are nearly perfect as well as noticeable. Carol’s bra size is 34D, the hip edge is 37, and the waistline is 23, and her Ethnicity is Latin American.

Carol Saraiva –Childhood, Career, and Education

In her childhood, Carol Saraiva spent most of the time playing volleyball. Carol Saraiva was furious after performing in volleyball, and she faced many injuries. At the age of 12, she accepted the doctor’s suggestion and began performing on her bodybuilding journey. In few months, Carol developed her body fitness, becoming healthier and beautiful at the same time. Carol established an extraordinary passion for bodybuilding and various activities in the gym.

Carol Saraiva

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When she was 18 years old, Carol studied a physical education program to support her body training knowledge. In 2006, Carol improved her knowledge and skill even better when she met Eduardo Correa. After that, in a year or 2007, Carol shifted to Europe to learn Sports nutrition and Sports Sciences. After 6 to 8 months, she returned to Europe as a specialist nutritionist and personal coach. Carol Saraiva is married to her coach Eduardo Correa (Bodybuilder).

Finally, Carol started to spread her skill on the internet and after becoming an online trainer. During the same year, her popularity increased, permitting her to become an online body fitness celebrity. The favorite body parts of Carol Saraiva are shoulders and legs. Carol never shared her family details and pictures on social media, and we don’t have any information about her father, mother, sibling, friends, relatives, and many more.

Carol Saraiva Net Worth and Followers On Social Media

The total income of Carol Saraiva was considerably increasing in 2019-20. Several sources and reporters talk about Carol Saraiva’s total revenue, annual salary, and monthly income, but sources estimates of her income differ. According to sources, Carol Saraiva has a total income of $1 Million – $5 Million. There are multiple factors that Carol Saraiva’s salary affects, such as taxes, management charges, divorce, marriage, insurance, family, and many more. Recently, Carol has over 1.9 million followers on her Instagram account.

Diet Plan and Workout Plan

Carol likes to do leg exercise, and she considers that it is hard to develop strong and muscular legs, so you need to practice well. She started to research healthy diet and nutrition and various gym exercise methods by reading several articles in newspapers and magazines.

Workout Plan

  • Monday: Crossfit.
  • Tuesday: Buttocks, Training of quadriceps, back, and calves.
  • Wednesday: Biceps and Dorsal training.
  • Thursday: Back, Training of buttocks, quadriceps, and calves.
  • Friday: Triceps and Shoulder training.
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Buttocks, Quadriceps, back, and calf training.

Back Training

Carol suggests searching for personal coaches who will assist you choose the appropriate exercises and methods for your body type, health, physical condition, and goals. Check out Carole Sarava’s workout for the back:

  • Squat row on the triangle
  • Super unbiased puller sequences with pullover on the cord
  • Streamlined footprint puller
  • Super familiar row rows with precise paddling.

Diet Plan

Menu 1 

  • Meal 1: Oatmeal, whey protein, and glutamine;
  • Meal 2: Omelet egg whites;
  • Meal 3: Sweet potato, chicken fillet, and vegetable or salad;
  • Meal 4: Porridge, red meat, and vegetables or salad;
  • Meal 5: Glutamine and whey protein;
  • Meal 6: Vegetable fillet, chicken, and or salad;
  • Meal 7: Salad, grilled salmon, or vegetables.

Menu 2

  • Meal 1: Bananas, oats, a pancake of egg whites, cinnamon, and sweetener.
  • Meal 2: 30g whey micellar Probiotics, and 30g whey protein 3W Probiotics.
  • Meal 3: Sweet potatoes, grilled white fish or grilled chicken, vegetables, or salad.
  • Meal 4: Sweet potatoes, vegetables, grilled chicken or grilled white fish, or salad.
  • Meal 5: 30g whey pro2 isolate + Waxy maize.
  • Meal 6: Grilled salmon or grilled red meat and salad or vegetable.

Menu 3

  • Meal 1: 30 gms oats, one whole egg, omelet with five egg whites.
  • Meal 2: 50 g of potatoes, 150 g of white fish, and vegetables.
  • Meal 3: 30 g whey zero Black Skull USA
  • Meal 4: 50 g of potatoes, vegetables, and 150 g of white fish.
  • Meal 5: 50 g of vegetables and salmon.
  • Meal 6: 150 g of vegetables and salmon.

Unknown Facts of Carol Saraiva

Carol Saraiva is the top-fitness personal coach and model who works and lives in Santa Catarina, Brazil. She is a too friendly, excited, and joyful lady. Carol is famous for her sexy figure and got popularity after posting pictures on Instagram. Though, Saraiva frequently kept her body under too much pressure when performing in volleyball.

After that, she started suffering from multiple injuries. Carol is very conscious about her diet or nutrition and workout. During the starting of her fitness journey, Carol has become a specialized nutritionist and online trainer. Carol Saraiva likes to travel to various locations, and she likes modern literature, music, and many more.

Carol Saraiva is a famous fitness trainer, with a busy timetable, although she always tries to make time for her interests. Carol also retails fitness clothing on her official website. Carol is an athletic nutrition Black Skull USA and casualwear producer, and she formerly works together with the MHP.

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