5 Brain Training Tips to Improve Memory and Function

Brain Exercises

Our bodies weren’t designed to remain endlessly youthful. And while stellar cosmetic surgeons and the many miracle creams on the market these days can definitely help to keep you looking younger longer, the truth is that your body will start to deteriorate over time. Your joints will ache as the cartilage wears down and natural … Read more

Surface Water Contamination Prevention Tips

Surface Water Contamination Prevention

When it rains and there is excess runoff water flowing into a reservoir or a bay, this runoff becomes surface water and it sits at the top or near the surface until it gets dispersed. If the water is contaminated, this could cause pollution. The last thing you want is for the pollution to spread … Read more

LASIK FAQs: Is Eye Surgery Right for You?


LASIK surgery, which users lasers to slightly alter your cornea, is a proven option to help restore sight and correct vision issues, often permanently. This type of procedure is extremely common, but it does have its limits. LASIK surgery is designed to treat certain conditions, and individual eye characteristics are very important when determining an … Read more

6 Massaging Trends

Massaging Trends

While traditional massage is home to plenty of different techniques for various tissue, muscle and blood benefits, spas are always on the search for new features and additional benefits to add to the average massage. A result is a number of interesting extras seeing a lot of growth in the spa world. Some are just … Read more