Benefits of Choosing Key Over Toilet Aids for the Elderly in Your Home

If you live with a loved one or a senior citizen who wants to feel more independent in their daily life, buying new bathroom aids can be an excellent choice.

Making sure the home is adequately equipped for your elderly loved ones will help them stay safe, healthy, and comfortable.

The following article offers information about the right kind of tools available in the market. These over toilet aids for the elderly will make it easier for them to get around without assistance.

Here are some of the best toilet aids for elderly caregivers.

Toilet Aids for the Elderly in Your Home

Grab Bars

According to Forbes, older adults sustain injuries in the bathroom due to head injury or broken bones.

For those who need continuous support while getting up from the toilet seat, grab bars near toilets or showers can help them avoid slipping while getting out of the tub or onto the toilet.

If they are placed on the wall below the toilet bowl, they may also help people with weak arms to clean themselves after using the restroom.


Putting sturdy hooks in bathrooms and bedrooms can allow seniors to go days without asking caregivers for help getting dressed or finding their clothes after taking them off.

A no-slip grip is one of the best over toilet aids for the elderly having trouble holding onto items like hangers, and this will prevent them from sliding out of reach while trying to get dressed.

Time-Saving Devices

For those who wish to stay independent but want some time saved every day, devices like electronic lighters (for lighting cigarettes,) automatic soap dispensers, and touchless faucets make toiletries faster and easier.

If it falls within your means, an intelligent toilet that washes and dries itself can also make life easier. These tools do require electricity, but if your loved one is already in the habit of using such products at home, they will feel right at ease with them in their new bathroom.

Self-Standing Toilet Aids

For those who need extra support sitting and standing, a self-standing toilet aid can be quite helpful. The tool attaches onto the side of the toilet and has handles for seniors to grab when they get up or sit down on the toilet.

These devices are often flexible and easy to move around to make them versatile additions to any bathroom.

Bathroom and Bedroom Sink Risers

If your elderly loved one is short on space due to arthritis but wishes to wash their hands quickly, sink risers could help them reach the faucet without stressing out their joints too much.

Most modern designs come with a slip-resistant rubber pad on top of the sturdy stainless steel material.

Sink Stools

Sink stools can be extremely helpful for both those who wish to wash their hands or brush their teeth and also those who get tired of sitting on the toilet seat for an extended period.

They are made from non-skid foam, so they won’t slip around while standing on them, making it easier to wash up without worrying about slipping or falling off.


Having an elderly parent move into your home can be stressful, but buying these bathroom aids will make things easier for everyone involved by saving you time every day.

While some products cost more money, they can also make a huge difference in a loved one’s life.

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