Computer vision syndrome (CVS). How to prevent myopia?

In the era of digital technology and new IT professions, we spend more and more time in front of computer monitors, and therefore we have no idea what a great impact and stress we put over our eyes. We are facing a new and more frequent form of eye pathology – Computer Vision Syndrome.

It is important to follow the rules for adults and especially for kids when refraction formation has not yet taken shape, and excessive strain can lead to the development of myopia. Eye drops are an excellent moisturizer for dry eyes. If you feel fatigued and the symptoms of computer vision syndrome are coming on soon, you should use visco tears or any other eye drops.

Computer vision syndrome

Causes of Computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

Most often one reason for dry eye syndrome is not enough, it is always a complex of reasons. If a person is working in front of the monitor all day long without interruption, one can predict without a doubt the development of dry eye syndrome. It’s a well-known fact that we blink less while working on a computer or any other device. But blinking is a natural mechanism of eye protection. According to scientists who have studied this question, the average person blinks 15 times a minute. Staring at the screens every time we use a smartphone, we blink only 5 times a minute. As a result, the cornea and conjunctiva don’t get enough tears to protect and moisturize.

The tear film consists of several layers, each with its own function. Tears contain lysozyme, which fights viruses and bacteria and keeps them out of our eyes. It also contains mucus, proteins, and carbohydrates. Tear film on the surface of the eye mucosa is held by a special substance produced by our body – oleamide lipid. Together these components of the tear protect, disinfect and heal. Drying out, the eye loses its protection and becomes vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

Other possible causes of the syndrome. Medications that change the hormonal background and can affect tear production. For example:

– Taking oral contraceptives.

– Menopause (a decrease in estrogen in a woman’s body causes discomfort associated with drying of the tear film and dry eyes)

– Diabetes, dermatitis, anemia.

– Conjunctivitis, blepharitis also leads to dryness.

CVS causes myopia

A study of the effect monitor causes on vision has shown that some users develop temporary (so-called false) myopia. There are also shifts in the eye muscular balance, decreased contrast sensitivity of vision, and other functional disorders.

Dry eyes are a very common problem. It is believed that there are several reasons for the widespread prevalence of dry eyes among computer users:

– rarer blinking when working on a computer (the blink rate is about one-third of the normal blink rate);

– wider open eyes when looking at an image on a monitor, which leads to an increased rate of evaporation of tears from the surface of the eye.

How to fight CVS

To reduce “dry eye” syndrome while working on a computer, you should first provide the right working conditions:

  1. position the monitor screen correctly (center 10-20 cm below the user’s eyes), choose the right distance (at least 30 cm).
  1. computer users should be reminded to blink more frequently at the first signs of dry eyes. You should also close your eyes from time to time and make circular (rotating) movements with them. It would be beneficial for your eyes to take a 2 to 3 minute break.
  1. To further protect your eyes from computer radiation, it is possible to use glasses with special lenses that protect the user’s eyes. Such glasses are aimed at increasing visual function, reducing eye strain and protecting the eyes from excessive light radiation.

The main drugs you should begin your treatment with are special moisturizing drops.

Most manufacturers offer products that are used for both dryness and to facilitate lens manipulation. To facilitate lens removal, it is enough to drop 1-2 drops of “clear tears” and blink. These drops will also help with a slight sense of dryness, but we are not talking about a lack of tear fluid production

If dry eye syndrome occurs, more effective medications are needed. In order to properly prescribe them, it is necessary to know which part of the tear is impaired.

Doctors consider an indispensable condition in the treatment of dry eyes – being careful when you plan your work schedule, and put on timing while working with devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. It is not allowed to spend much time without breaks. Experts recommend taking a break from the screen every hour for 10-15 minutes.

Walk around the room, look out the window, stretch your muscles, play with your pet to relieve fatigue in any way. It is unacceptable to work behind a bright screen in the dark, without additional lighting. In this case, visual stress and fatigue increases, a person blinks less often, and – hello, dry eye syndrome!

Our eyes benefit from long walks in the fresh air, natural light, active rest, and, of course, good nutrition. Drinking enough water also takes an important part in restoring the tear film. In short, all the things we know about, but do not always do. Remember, a healthy vision is the result of your self-care and wise choices.

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