Daniel levi net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Daniel Levi is not just a name in the entertainment industry but it is a face that people recognize pretty well. He has made a special place in the heart of people by playing so many different roles sometimes he sang French songs (popular French singer), so sometimes he composed music. But sometimes he looked for different angles and so he shot films, perhaps this is his aura which makes people remember his name forever. Whenever his name comes to people never forget to take the name of his duet ‘Ce Reve bleu’ with Karine Costa and it was for the French version of Disney’s Aladdin.

Today people call him a composer and he even resides best in the list of best composers. Daniel is really not just a pretty name but even a talent that still shines today in many of his works. I think this is the job of any true artists ‘even shine after years and years’.

Basic information of Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi has turned 59 years old (as of 2020) and he is a composer by profession. He was born on 26th august- 61 and his birthplace is Constantine, Algeria and he has Constantine nationality. However, not much is known about his family. But the only thing which he shared about his family is that ‘it was full of love and blessing’. There are really so many things to remember about his family and those are good things. Childhood was the best one and it only gave him joy and wonder. It was full of blessings and happy days. It was a Jewish family and he spent whole his childhood in Lyon with his family. There he found joy in learning piano and he used to learn that there and he even recorded his first album entitled ‘Cocktail’ in the year 1983.

Daniel Levi net worth

Daniel Levi net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameDaniel Lévi
Date of Birth26 August 1961, Constantine, French Algeria
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • composer
Age59 Years as of Jan 2021
HeightNo update
RelationshipLaure Levi (m. ?–2014)
Daniel Levi Net Worth$5 M to $10M estimated
Social MediaYoutube – channel 

Instagram – daniellevi_officiel

About his works

In the year 1983, his cocktail went viral, entre parentheses got released in 1996, Ici et Maintenant in the year 2002, Le Coeur Ouvert in the year 2005. He has even sung singles like ‘ce Reve Blue’ (with Karine costa), ‘L’Envie D’Aimer’, ‘Mon Frere (With Ahmed Mouici), and ‘Ici et Maintenant’ (2002). His each and every work keep important and they earned him huge respect and recognition.  Even today he is remembered for his works, there is one of his roles of Moses in Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo’s musical Les Dix. This work had received so much appreciation and love from people. When his singles came out ‘L ‘Envie’ d’aimer’ this also got so much popularity and this single had become hit by then. So he too got hit and made a place for himself in the lives of people.

Does he want to share his journey?

Well, this journey of becoming a singer from an ordinary man, then a songwriter and directing films, all fall under beautiful experience. Everyone has their own journey but sometimes it becomes easy when you have the right people around you, when I was just a kid I was with my parents. I always received immense and unconditional love from them and this also helped me love myself and work on myself. However, this is hardly known by anyone that I was an introvert in my childhood days so I was much engrossed in learning than making anyone friends. This at some point in life helped me to learn a lot and reach this beautiful place. With time, I started working upon my passion, and then I realized that music is that passion that is close to my heart. And I look forward to my career in that.

What message you want to give to the young dreamers

Well, the only thing which is going to help you is your dreams and your dedication towards yourself. It may sound weird to many but this is true that not everyone can dedicate themselves to their dreams and self. But those who have learned the art of dedication towards their own dream and self they are surely way ahead of others. Life is full of competition but the only competition you is YOU. How do you see yourself than previous days and how do you want to see yourself after a year or maybe three months. This is a whole plan and you really need to think about it at once and write in detail. If you get sure about the things then the next steps come to make sure that you are ready to work with whole heartedly. Congratulations, there is nothing that can stop you. The only message I would like to deliver to these young generations. You do not have to think about it even after a year you can just work on two or may three months. This would clear your ways.

How people should handle the pressure?

There are many ways by which they can handle their pressure but the first step starts with trusting themselves. Yes, many who come with the dream of becoming a singer, song composer, or whatever they want, give up when they are just about to reach their destination. If they are successful in handling the pressure then they can achieve anything which their heart desires. Well, start with little and keep on feeding yourself ‘no matter what you are going to achieve that’. You are going to be with yourself and you would learn from your mistakes but you would practice in all cases. This is how you can overcome any fear and anxiety and reach the place you want.


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