Engineered Flooring: Redefine Your Home with a Tint of Classiness

Every individual has a personal connection to their home. It is where one is real and true to themselves. The place makes one feel safe and secure. During times of crisis, most people look for their homes. Everyone will have a myriad of definitions for a home, and they are usually unexplainable. The self-fulfilment in taking complete charge of designing, decorating, and organising one’s home is pure bliss. All these efforts have a sense of art that puts a smile on one’s face each time one sees it or feels the satisfaction. Sydney, though being a city, many a time its residents appreciate traditional aesthetics, and it seems to be inherent to the place.

As people are becoming more modern, sometimes the old becomes the new trend. Therefore, people are exploring their interests in customised or engineered flooring. Finding a store offering quality engineered flooring is Sydney won’t be any trouble since there are a couple of good ones.

Engineered Flooring

Flooring plays a significant role in enhancing the whole texture of the house. There are various options from which one even has the liberty to choose the type of wood. The list is as follows,

  • Imperial Oak: It is waterproof and is rigid and robust. It does not get affected by the changing climatic conditions.
  • Australian Hardwood: This material adds a luxurious and classic touch to your home. The hardwood varieties used are Oak, Mantle, Jarrah, Pine, etc. Each type of wood delivers a distinct and smooth shade.
  • Grand Oak: This wood comes in many shades namely Black opal, French Grey, Ghost White, Limed Oak, Natural, Smoked Oak, etc
  • Grand Oak Monarch Collection: This collection has thicker boards about 6mm than other flooring kinds. With the thickness, it provides high tensile strength to the flooring.

Engineered flooring involves a combination of woods. The top layer is very thin, and hardwood is preferred: mostly Oak. The added layers of plywood assure strength and stability to the floor. These floors are easy to fix, which can be nailed down or glued down immediately. Although these timber woods are used in flooring, people also show interest in making customised wardrobe sets, dining tables, furniture, etc. using them.

Perks of Having Engineered Flooring

  • These floors are cost-efficient and at the same time, enhance the look of the house.
  • They can be fixed easily and in a short time.
  • They are waterproof and also provide protection from harmful UV.
  • It is easy to clean and comforting at the same time.
  • This flooring is made up of hardwood in the top layer and multiple softwood plywood layers beneath it.
  • It does not contract or expand with changing seasons.
  • It adds to the ambience of one’s home.

Maintenance of Flooring

  • Avoid spilling oil, water, or wax on the floor.
  • Cleaning is simplified by just sweeping and mopping.
  • Dry cleaning is always preferred, and one can use specific wood floor cleaners.
  • Any discolouration found should be recoated immediately and maintained efficiently.
  • Avoid pulling or dragging heavy and sharp objects along the floor, which may damage the floor’s finishing.

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