The Common Causes Increasing the Risk of Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common condition in the individual’s life. Even though some pains are not that serious and seize on their own, others are chronic and worsen if left untreated. Since most people think that their condition will seize naturally, they delay having treatment which worsens the condition. Since this condition can have huge negative impacts, most people having lower back pain Las Vegas have started seeking treatment. The following have been the main causes that have increased the risk of having lower back pain.

Risk of Back Pain


Osteoarthritis is when the person’s disc and facet joints experience wear and tear. This condition can make the person to have instability, pain, inflammation, and stenosis. The person can experience this pain or single or multiple levels of their lower spine. In most instances, the following condition is linked to aging even though it is slowly progressive. Since this condition worsens, the person should seek treatment as early as possible.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The sacroiliac joint links the individual’s sacrum at the bottom of the spine to every pelvis side. This strong, low-motion joint regularly causes the shock and tension that the person can experience between the lower and the upper body. The person can experience sacroiliac pain if the joint is inflamed, a condition known as sacroiliitis. The person can also experience pain if there is too much or too little motion in their joint.

Degenerative Disc Disease

When the child is born, if they are healthy, their intervertebral discs are full of water. However, as people age, their discs start to wear down and lose hydration, starting to wear down. After losing hydration, it makes these discs more resistant to forces. This resistance makes the person suffer more tears making the person suffer from pain or weakening, increasing the risk of herniation. In other instances, the disc can collapse, making the person suffer stenosis.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

There are some instances where the jelly-like lumbar disc center breaks through the individual’s tough outer layer, irritating the nerve root near the region. Since the herniated disc portion is full of proteins, it increases the risk of inflammation when these proteins reach the nerve root. Moreover, it is likely to cause inflammation and nerve compression, which increases the risk of nerve root pain. The disc wall can also be richly supplied by the nerve fibers and the tears exposed to the wall, making you suffer severe pain.


The person can experience pain due to acute fractures or dislocations on the individual’s spine. There are some instances when the person experiences back pain due to trauma from a motor vehicle accident or a fall. In some cases, the person can fail to suffer pain at the first stages, even when they have an injury. This is why the person should go for evaluation after having an accident or a serious fall.

Despite the increase in back pain-related pains, few people seek treatment since they expect the condition to seize naturally. This instance makes the situation worsen, making it hard to treat. Moreover, most people do not know the critical measures they should employ to reduce the risk of these pains. If you are suffering from back pain, you should seek treatment early, decreasing the risk of the condition worsening. The specialist will also advise you on measures to prevent the condition from recurring.

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