Sasha Shenderey age, height, age, wiki, bio and lesser known facts

Sasha Shenderey has a beautiful face and in the field of modelling, she has earned a name and fame. Entering into the modelling field might seem easy but this is tough to maintain. Sasha is from Ukraine and since she had decided to be part of this modelling field she remained honest with this profession. And this profession also brought her so many things into life and fame is just so little. Sasha truly has got the love and respect of her fans and so much more than that.


Sasha Shenderey

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Sasha Shenderey age, height, age, wiki, bio and lesser-known facts

Real NameSasha Shenderey
Date of BirthJan 20, 1992
Place of BirthKyiv, Ukraine
ProfessionModel, Influencer
Age28 years as on Nov 2020
Height170 cm Approx
Hair ColorBlonde
Relationship StatusNot Known
Social Media Instagram Р@ shenderei.official

About her childhood

Sasha Shenderey is from Ukraine; the ambience around her was full of zest and love. She received unconditional love from her parents and that helped her into a career so much. Her childhood was spent into creativity and learning and she was a social person too. But the whole childhood she tells was none less than a dream and it helped her to move towards this field.

Sasha Shenderey Modeling Career

It was a time of her school days when she hardly had heard about this but then. She was popular among her friends and group and all of her friends used to compliment her with the words ‘you look like a model’. A child who was under no understanding hot influenced by this and ended up deciding becoming nothing but a model. By then, she did not much but when she entered high school. She embarked on getting an idea about these things and slowly and steady she found out her way. There also participated in modelling and many other activities that brought her close to this field. This was a tiny tale of Sasha Shenderey and how she ended up becoming a model.

What were hurdles on her way?

This is one of fear on the mind of the majority of people and this thing stops them from getting to reach their desired destination. Life is full of struggle and it will no matter what but what we can do is to keep on moving and we will end up reaching a very beautiful destination. Everyone next to me said that they found me lucky. I just have to say one thing, I worked hard and day and night to listen to that word. And luckily I had that chance to do so. In this world of modelling, everyone has their share and story to tell people.

Everyone comes with dreamy eyes and a heart full of desires but not everyone reaches out you their imagination. So it takes a lot, hard work, determination, and unwavering decision towards that one object. And when anyone is ready to have all of them then success is theirs. When I had entered into this field I was also going door to door and was tested then I started getting work.

How modelling changed her life?

Well, it is not just about modelling but any other field and career that changes the lives of people. Since modelling was my first choice I had to be my own guideline into this field and I had to be my own teacher. But it is a long term commitment people do while entering to this file. And with time I also devoted myself to this field and it changed my life “suddenly” but rather slowly.

What motivated her?

There are so many things which have motivated me and sometimes it was the outer ambience and most of the times it was an inner voice. But they kept on motivating me on different stages. And that is how they helped me to keep on going into life at different stages of life.

But those who are going to enter into this field they must not forget that motivation always comes from within. It is never outside. Youth these days are looking motivation outside and missing motivation inside. When people start seating with itself then they find things easy for themselves and the solution of their problems. It is the time when they find motivation from inside and they also get to learn a lot about themselves.

This will not be wrong that life is full of opportunities and so we all have to learn how to take advantage of those opportunities. For those who are looking motivation outside, it is a request they must look it inside. They also should not forget life is full of pleasure. We all should enjoy it wherever we are and it is totally fun. In the times of need, sit down and look at your surrounding and you will definitely find out something beautiful and wonderful that will surely inspire you throughout into your life.

Sasha Shenderey Life as a model

Life as a model is quite busy and it is also about maintained yourself. It is also about managing yourself. There is more than that, it is also about carrying yourself in such a way that you only look forward and towards growth. There are many projects which changed my life as a model. Some projects helped me to achieve heights but some projects also taught me a lot about modelling and what to choose and what to avoid. There are many things people learn after coming to the field of modelling.

Currently what is she doing?

Currently, as well as I am working upon many of my projects and soon will announce about them. Each day is new and I am experiencing something new and beautiful. Every day is new learning for anyone who has aimed themselves to grow and modelling is a field which is full of challenges and learning. So it is always something new on the table. Modelling is always about experiencing something new. It is a joyful and blissful experience and currently, I am just experiencing that.

So you can follow her on her social media and download her pictures and collect all the information about her. You can even stay with us and know about her. She is active there and posts frequently.

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