The Top 4 Sinus Surgery Benefits

Has your doctor recommended sinus surgery? The mention of surgery can be scary. It could be the only or best option when non-invasive treatments like decongestants fail to deliver desirable results. Mani H Zadeh, MD, may recommend surgery in situations such as chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyp growths, or when the symptoms are severe and unresponsive to non-invasive treatments. The surgical approach offers notable benefits, including:

Sinus Surgery Benefits

1. Reduced chances of infection

Narrow sinuses mean you are at an increased risk of frequent blockages. When the blockages impact the natural drainage, you are at an increasingly high risk of infections. This can cause acute and/or chronic sinus infections and sinus headaches. The situations are characterized by debilitating symptoms like facial pain, headaches, runny or blocked nose, and bad breath, to name a few. The symptoms can hold you down for months, significantly affecting your productivity and quality of life. Sinus surgery widens the sinuses. This lowers the chances of blockage and infections, helping you enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

2. Alleviate pain and pressure

Sinus infections can cause intense facial pain and pressure. This is commonly experienced around the upper teeth or mouth’s roof, behind the eyes, and across the nose’s bridge. The symptoms are caused by the sinus’ inability to drain efficiently. The blockage and/or inflammation in the nasal passages can lead to pain and pressure, making it difficult to focus on anything else, affecting your overall wellness. Sinus surgery lowers the chances of such incidences, helping alleviate the pain and pressure, which improves your productivity.

3. Improved medication efficacy

Are your medical rinses and sprays delivering as they did when you first had a sinus infection? Medication helps alleviate the symptoms, but only when they are effective. Their efficacy is significantly affected by the narrow sinus pathways. The blocked and/or inflamed passage means the medication hardly reaches the lining of your sinuses, which means you do not realize as much relief as they can offer.

After sinus surgery, your sinus pathways will be much wider. This makes it easier for the medication to get to the sinuses’ lining and helps with repeat infections, delivering better results. Such efficacy can help you stay active since sinus infection symptoms won’t hold you down for an extended period.

4. Enhance the quality of your life

Addressing the common sinus infection symptoms can turn your situation around. This extends to the quality of your rest. After surgery, you can breathe more through your nose in your sleep. This helps improve your sleep quality, meaning you won’t be held down by exhaustion and fatigue the next day. Moreover, you won’t be at high risk of dental issues, including dry mouth and bad breath, common in people who breathe through the mouth for an extended period.

Surgical treatments and their potential risks and complications can cause fear in virtually anyone. While bleeding and infection may happen, under an experienced ENT surgeon’s hand, it is a safe and effective approach that can help address sinus infection and improve the quality of your life. Contact Dr.Mani H. Zadeh M.D F.A.C.S. today for more on sinus surgery and how it can help your situation.

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