Top 5 Teenager Activities That Provide Hours of Laughter

Whether it’s getting teen braces for the first time or attending their first prom, being a teenager comes with a lot of firsts and a lot of fun. Of course, sometimes it takes a spark of inspiration to get the ball rolling on that fun, but where can you find that spark for yourself or the teen in your life?

Well, we’re here to provide those answers. It’s time to take a look at our list of the top 5 teenager activities that provide hours of laughter and excitement! Some even involve getting unglued from smartphones (we know, that’s pretty radical)!

But enough talk, right? Let’s jumpstart this thing!

Teenager Activities

1. Teenager Activities at School

Sometimes, you don’t have to look any further for fun teenage activities than your high school. Extracurricular clubs like drama or AV clubs allow teens to meet peers with similar interests, letting them forge bonds towards creating a collaborative project. Sports teams also help accomplish this goal, as teens come together to play the best out of all the other schools within the district.

School activities don’t even need to be so formal. Going with friends to cheer on the football team at the homecoming game or gathering the crew to party at the latest school dance are also invaluable activities teens can end up treasuring for years.

2. Start a YouTube Vlog or TikTok Channel

With over 50% of consumers under 24 projected as active users of TikTok in 2020, it only makes sense that organizing activities around social media provide an excellent way for teens to build their network and explore their creativity. Gather some friends and make a YouTube vlog detailing your day-to-day adventures, or write some short skits and act them out through TikTok.

You probably won’t crack into the upper echelons of the viral sphere, but you’ll have tons of fun putting the videos together and seeing how people interact with your content.

3. Game Night

Of course, sometimes you need to stay in and crack open the board games. While classics like Monopoly might prove too stale for teens, edgier games like Cards Against Humanity or deeper games like Magic: The Gathering gives friends a great excuse to come together and whisk the hours away laughing and playing.

But what if the teens in your life skew more towards the video game end of the spectrum? Well, throwing a gaming party and inviting others to engage in multiplayer titles like Just Dance or Mario Party is sure to bring about lots of laughing and smiling.

4. Outdoor Adventures

Another great activity for teens involves exploring the great outdoors and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. Late-night beach trips or camping excursions give teens a great way to escape the stress of everyday life to connect with their close peers. Outdoor events like music festivals or fairs are also great hangout spots for teens.

5. Late-Night Alternatives

As a concerned parent, you want to keep your teen away from activities where alcohol and drugs could enter the mix without looking like the villain from a John Hughes movie. Try to suggest late-night indoor activities as an alternative, like skating at a local rink or going bowling.

Let the Good Times Roll

So, now that you have this list of the top 5 teenager activities that provide hours of laughter, how do you keep the good times rolling? Well, for more ideas about fun activities and events you can implement into your life, make sure to check out the other articles on our website!

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