Medical field is immensely diverse and growth is always on the higher side, creating more and more job opportunities every year. The need for medical care can never be subdued, and so medical professionals are always in demand. Medical jobs are lucrative, challenging, and noble. You need to pass out from a reputed school and specialize in your field of interest to make a strong career in medicine. To guide you in choosing your career path, I present you with the types of medical jobs in the next segment of this article.

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In Demand Medical Jobs

If you are aspiring to build your career in the medical field, then knowing the medical careers in demand will be useful to you. At the same time, you have to be informed enough to keep an account of the most lucrative field. The eligibility criterion for different fields vary, and so are the qualifying examinations. The hottest jobs amongst the different jobs in the medical field are explained below.

Doctors and Surgeons

The first thing that strikes us while thinking about the types of medical jobs in demand, is the image of a doctor. This is probably the highest paying field, and one of the most demanding also. Becoming a physician, or a surgeon can be tough and you have to pass the medical exam with good marks. Sound knowledge about the human body and expertise to perform the most intricate surgeries successfully will earn you the reputation of a good doctor. The highly sought-after fields are gynecology, pediatrics, dental, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, psychology, psychiatry, etc. The sought-after professional jobs include medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and dentists.


Nursing is one of the most well-paying careers in the medical field. You must know the prerequisites for becoming a nurse. The basic requirement is General Education Development (GED) qualified. The designation of nurses varies according to qualification. You can pursue an associate degree, bachelor’s degree (4 years), or a certificate course in nursing. You should pass out from a reputed nursing school to get a license. One of the most important criteria required for career growth in nursing is passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). If you are interested to pursue higher studies in nursing then you must go for a Master’s degree in nursing (MSN). The starting salary is quite decent that increases with experience.

Allied Medical Jobs

Apart from the core sectors, there are many other important fields that are included in the medical careers list. People are trained to assist doctors and nurses in every possible way. Taking care of patients and post-recovery care is successful only with the help of technicians. Physical assistant career opportunities are high in hospitals and nursing houses. Physiotherapists, cardiologists, pharmacists, surgical technicians, dental assistants, are some important allied-health jobs. Handling diagnostic machines are performed by a separate group of professionals having considerable expertise in that particular field. It includes radiologists, lab technicians, pharmacists, ultrasonographers, X-ray technicians, perfusionists, etc. These jobs are quite in demand in health care units. Check this article to get detailed info on the medical field careers list and salary.

Administrative Jobs in Medicine

The aforementioned content has explained the practical jobs of medicines. Administrative jobs like billing, recording are taken care of by medical transcriptionists, medical coders, receptionists these jobs are also included under the best medical careers. You need to have a science degree to get a job in medical billing, medical coding, and medical transcription. You should have a sound knowledge about medicines and be capable of taking dictations from doctors and transcribe them into the records. These documents will contain records of patients’ health, progress, medicines administered, date of admission and discharge, etc. Such jobs could also be performed from home.

The list of medical jobs is quite long and extensive, I hope to know the types of medical jobs, that is the most sought after, has helped you gather useful information. Deciding the stream you want to pursue is absolutely your choice, and therefore take every effort to let your dream come true.

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