What Is Naturopathic Treatment

The average lifespan of humans is decreasing as time passes since people use chemical-based medicines that suppress the disease instead of curing it and are not even effective in some cases.

Cardiovascular diseases have been the second most common cause of death in San Diego for the past few years; people spend thousands of dollars on chemical-based medicines and treatment. That’s why it is prevalent for people to consult Naturopathic doctors San Diego for their holistic treatments.

In San Diego, California, the cost of a single session of naturopathy goes anywhere between $200 to $600 depending upon the treatment and the experience of the naturopathy expert.

What Is Naturopathic Treatment (Naturopathy)?

Naturopathic treatment or naturopathy is a form of therapy/treatment to boost the immune system, spread health awareness, and promote self-healing of a person’s body by utilizing various organic medicines and combining modern and traditional techniques in their treatment; practitioners of these techniques are known as Naturopathic Doctors (ND) or Naturopaths.

What Are The Methods Used In Naturopathic Treatment?

A Naturopathic Treatment offers several methods of different kinds, used for other purposes as per the need of the patient and the health issues they have. These treatment methods are also the reason behind the growing popularity of naturopathy.

Here are some of the most popular methods offered by naturopathic doctors in San Diego:

  1. Dietary
  2. Hydrotherapy
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Acupressure
  5. Masso therapy
  6. Chromotherapy
  7. Air therapy
  8. Mud therapy
  9. Magnet therapy
  10. Detoxification

Benefits Of Naturopathic Treatment

There are many benefits of naturopathic treatment. However, the most widely recognized benefits of this treatment are as follows:

  • Self-healing: By identifying and eliminating all problematic elements that are slowing down the healing process of the body
  • Root-cause: Instead of suppressing the symptoms, a naturopathic doctor can identify the root cause of the health issue during the physical diagnosis
  • Harmless Treatment: Unlike other treatment methods, naturopathy is completely harmless as it doesn’t use artificial inorganic elements.
  • Prevention: The best method for avoiding upcoming health issues is to remove all toxic and inorganic elements from a body for better health. (As there is an old saying, prevention is better than cure)
  • Education in Treatment: Naturopathic doctors spread awareness and health care methods to their patients to maintain their health even after the treatment.

How Does Naturopathy Help In The Treatment Of Cardiovascular / Heart Diseases?

Naturopathy can be very effective for people suffering from cardiovascular or heart diseases and those prone to have these diseases in the future due to their unhealthy lifestyles. The leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and stroke are uneven diets, lack of physical activity, depression, and unsafe consumption of liquor.

Uneven diet

Naturopathic doctors can provide a healthy, nutritious diet for patients suffering from these diseases to help them balance their cholesterol and sugar levels.

Lack of Physical activity

Naturopathy utilizes many elements of PT (physical therapy) in their treatments where patients are engaged in various activities which may help them burn unnecessary fat and help in both prevention and cure of cardiovascular diseases.

●  Depression

It has been proven in a study in 2019 that naturopathy is effective in treating depression.

Consumption of liquor

Naturopathic doctors encourage their patients to avoid the consumption of liquor and advise drinking natural fruit juices instead of liquor.


Naturopathic treatment might be a good choice for people who want to avoid artificial inorganic medicine and live a better life.

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