Which city has the Best Cancer Hospitals?

Cancer is a life threatening disease and there is no prevention of cancer that gives a person 100% safety or guarantee. Cancer rates are higher these days when compared to the previous years. More and more people are contracting cancer no thanks to the environmental degradation such as extreme sunlight penetration, free radicals in the environment, Carbon dioxide and methane emissions, heavy metal sediments, and the poor quality of water we consume. There is no definite cause of cancer according to the Hospital for cancer surgery in Bangalore, but these are all some of the risk factors that mutate the DNA in human bodies and can cause the rapid increase of what is called the ‘Cancerous Cells’ in the body. Any human part of the body can be affected by cancer due to this mutation and therefore the only method to beat this deadly disease is early diagnosis.

Which city has the Best Cancer Hospitals

Cancer Causes and Symptoms

There are many kinds of cancers these days and it can begin at any part of the body and affect many other parts as cancer starts spreading within a few months or sometimes years. This is called metastasizing. Cancer can spread in the human body without any signs or symptoms. This is what makes the disease so undetectable and therefore increases the risk. There are several causes for cancer but none of them can be a certain cause for specific cancer. All the researchers know for now is that Cancer happens when the genetic material in a cell called the DNA is mutated because of some internal or external factor. This mutation causes the cells to split and replicate much faster than a normal cell would, therefore causing lumps to form in the body and turning cancerous.

These lumps of skin are extremely dangerous as they cut off the supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the particular area of the body. It can cause death of certain parts of the body where the lumps form affecting the organs nearby. Cancer cells can invade healthy cells and cause an infestation in the body, significantly lowering the normal cells and the white blood cells and dropping the immunity. This is why most people experience lack of immunity as one of the primary signs of cancer.

Some known cancer causes are mentioned below:

  • Environmental factors such as Sunlight, exposure to chemicals, etc
  • Exposure to radiation therapy previously
  • Cancer in other parts of the body previously
  • Strong Family History
  • Genetic Mutations in the body
  • Lifestyle risk such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of exercise

These are some of the causes of cancer. Below are some of the early symptoms of cancer:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of immunity
  • Bleeding from mouth, ears, nose or in urine and stool
  • Lump like appearances
  • Excessive hairfall
  • Lack of lustre in skin and nails

Treating Cancer

There are many best hospital for cancer surgery in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other major cities of India. Hospital for cancer surgery in Bangalore is equipped with the latest medical equipment such to detect and treat cancer with scans, MRI, Mammograms and with radiation therapy, and other medical procedures. Most cancer treatments include surgical removal of the cancerous part in the body and backing up with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to remove the rest of the cancerous cells as well as to control the spread of cancer in the body.

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