5 Brain Training Tips to Improve Memory and Function

Our bodies weren’t designed to remain endlessly youthful. And while stellar cosmetic surgeons and the many miracle creams on the market these days can definitely help to keep you looking younger longer, the truth is that your body will start to deteriorate over time. Your joints will ache as the cartilage wears down and natural body lubricants diminish. Your digestive system won’t be able to handle the spicy foods it could when you were young. And your brain will cease to retain the volume of new information it once could. Of course, there are all kinds of steps you can take to slow this process – eating right, exercising, and getting adequate rest, for example. But you can also engage in practices designed to boost brain function and keep you sharp. Here are some brain training tips to enhance cognitive ability and improve memory and overall brain function.

Brain Exercises

Nail down the basics.

Good health is the foundation for proper brain function. And if you’re eating poorly, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and failing to get your recommended eight hours of sleep each night, it’s no wonder your brain is on autopilot. Sleep is especially important when it comes to retention and recall, but a good night’s sleep is often predicated by a healthy and balanced diet, as well as adequate physical fitness. When you focus on improving your overall physical health, your mental health will enjoy a subsequent boost.

Reduce stress.

Researchers are only just beginning to discover the extent to which stress affects our bodies and minds. But suffice it to say that it can not only cause you physical harm; it can also impair your mental functions. By finding ways to reduce the stressors in your life, you stand to enjoy greater mental acuity and physical health as a result.

Eat brain food.

Did you know that there are certain foods that can help to improve your brain function? Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, for example, such as salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed help to facilitate the transmission of messages between cells, enhancing the signals that pass between your brain and your body while boosting mental speed and flexibility. Since our bodies don’t make this essential nutrient, you need to make sure you have foods in your diet that provide omega-3s.

Feed your mind.

Your body needs fuel to function optimally, and so does your brain. But your mind craves a diet of language, music, and other cerebral input. So if you want your brain to continue functioning at its peak, you can’t afford to forego the sustenance that keeps it agile and alert.

Brain training courses.

When you’ve prepared for better brain function with your diet, exercise, sleep habits, and input, the next step is to train your brain to retain and recall information. Your brain is not a muscle (contrary to the popular saying), but it does need exercise to stay in shape. By signing up for a program you can improve your mental reflexes, so to speak, and enhance memory and overall brain function in the process.

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