Healthy Foods Tips For Easy To Make Meals

Eating homemade meals, more often than take out meals, is definitely more affordable, and, depending on your ingredients, healthier. You need not be a graduate of culinary arts to be able to come up with easy to make meals. For as long as you know basic cooking and take the time to plan your menu, quick healthy meals are as easy as pie. There are various healthy foods tips that you can follow in order to successfully prepare quick and easy meals:

Healthy Foods Tips

Going Stir-Fry

Cooking the stir-fry way is one of the methods of cooking healthy. Why? This is because stir fry recipes usually require more veggies and less meat. You can also expect to see a wide variety of veggies in most stir-fry recipes. Since vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, you can be assured that making stir fry for mealtimes does not only mean producing easy to make meals but healthy ones too. The popular veggies you’ll find in many stir fry meals include carrots, broccoli, soybeans, onions, etc. You can also add pieces or slivers of beef, chicken, or pork, to make stir-fried dishes that are tasty. Using broth instead of oil during the stir-frying process can also assure you of quick healthy meals.

Munching On Salads

Making salads is also included in healthy food tips. Though many people consider salads as light meals, you can actually make your salad filling if you use more vegetables and make it with lean protein food products. For instance, you can prepare an Asian salad by mixing in corn, tomatoes, greens, black beans, and lean chicken chunks, then, a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice for the dressing. Not only are Asian salads healthy – they are also good examples of easy to make meals that can fill you up. You can also create quick and easy meals like summer salads, wherein you just need to mix summer veggies e.g. tomatoes and cucumber, with pieces of BBQ chicken, then, mix with a small amount of mayonnaise.

Veggie Pasta On The Spotlight

Pasta dishes can also be considered quick healthy meals, specifically if you create veggie pasta. A good example is basil and tomato paste, which only needs a few ingredients: the pasta, tomato, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella. Part of healthy food tips is for you to use fresh tomatoes, but, if lacking in time, do not be afraid to use diced tomatoes in the can. For easy to make meals, you can cook the pasta first, then, while waiting for it to be cooked, you can chop the vegetables and prepare the other ingredients, which means that you can finish preparing your veggie pasta in less than thirty minutes. Pasta dishes are therefore quick and easy meals, not to mention, nutrition.

Fajitas: The Healthy Version

Though fajitas are generally considered as unhealthy, you can make healthy fajitas by using fresh and healthy ingredients. Included in healthy foods tips is to add more veggies for your fajita, and reduce the amount of meat. For example, you can make a fajita with various bell peppers as the main ingredients. Peppers, after all, protect the human body against free radicals. Aside from bell peppers, fajita quick healthy meals can also have onions and mushrooms. Lean chicken or beef pieces may also be added in moderation. When adding sour cream and cheese, better add only small amounts, for your fajitas to remain nutritious.

There are a lot of easy to make meals to choose from which are guaranteed to be appetizing and healthy.

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