Braun Strowman Age, Height, Wiki, Bio and Little Known Facts

Braun Strowman is a famous WWE wrestler. He is actually famous due to his size and appearance and also he has played an important role in taking the wrestling world towards the storm. His WWE career is not so long but still come in a short period of time he gained a huge fan base. He also used to be the strong man and the prominent figure in the competition. He is actually a dominant figure. If you are also a wrestling fan and willing to know more about your favorite wrestler then take out the details given below.

 Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman Age, Height, Wiki, Bio and Little Known Facts

Real NameAdam Scherr
Date of BirthSeptember 6, 1983
Age36 ( June 2020 )
Height6 ft 8 in (203 cm
Weight385 lb (175 kg)
Birth PlaceSherrill’s Ford, North Carolina USA

Braun Strowman real name is Adam Joseph Scherr. He was born on 6 September 1983 at the Sherrill’s Ford, North Carolina USA. This man is having a lot in him and you cannot ignore him easily. Even there are different names through which people call him like The Monster among Men, The Black Sheep, The Face of Destruction, The Mountain of A Man, The Abominable Strowman, and several others. In 2013, he started his WWE career at the WWE performance center in Florida. From then, he started climbing the ladder of success and take part in several events. Before stepping towards the wrestling world, he also used to participate in the strongman competitions and also have won several trophies from the same point

Physical Appearance

He is having an attractive personality in the ring. His muscles are actually enough to talk for him. He is having a height of 6 feet 8 inches and his weight is around 100 75 kilograms. His chest measures 62 inches and the size of his waist is 42 inches. Not only this but he is also having the 24 inches biceps. He is having a lock dark brown hair and his eyes color is also dark brown.

Family and Wife

His father was a slow pitch softball player. His name was Rick Scherr. His physical attribute is quite similar to his younger sister Hannah. She is not being much sort of WWE superstar. His family is actually sports-loving and they always encourage him to play sports. He is still unmarried and according to the details available, he is dating the wrestler.

Religion and Ethnicity

He practices Christianity and also he belongs to the American Scottish ancestry.


Initially, he completed his schooling education from the school of North Carolina. He was not much good at studies but in football, track and wrestling, and other sports he excelled amazingly. He was having an average side body when he was in teenage but when he passed his 12th grade he grew almost an ft. and added over a hundred pounds. During his freshman year, his height was 5 feet 8 inches hand is weight was 180 pounds. When he graduated, he attained an amazing body expansion and then he reached the height of 6 feet 5 inches, and his weight was 315 pounds.

Career and Wrestling

In the early twenties, he started working as a security guard and a mechanic in a nightclub in North Carolina. Thereafter, he simply ran into a couple of strong men who are working at another bar. When they saw him they invited him to take part in a competition and give it a try. At that time, he realized that it is his onetime opportunity and he should not miss it. Thereafter he won several strongman competitions from the year 2009 to the year 2012.

He is having his own plot in transitioning from strongman WWE. Mark Henry first discovered his talent in Los Angeles in 2012. He was a WWE scout and then he went to the WWE executive and recommended them to him and then he got his first chance. He also appeared in a film just before his NXT debut. In 2014 he entered his first WWE rosebud of Adam rose. In the same year, he made his debut in NXT and then he defeated chat cable. In 2015 he fought against Dean Ambrose and Roman reigns. At that time he was a member of Wyatt family. Thereafter, in 2017, he delivered suplex to The Big Show and broke the ring. Thereafter in 2018 he also won the money in the bank ladder match. In WWE, he is actually one of the most dominant wrestlers.

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