Severe diabetes compels a person to do adjustments and make a health plan to recuperate faster and relieve themselves from all of its symptoms and dangers as soon as possible. The severe diabetes is like a slow poison, slowly but surely it shows its impact is fatal. Severity can be in the form of either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia conditions in most of the cases.

severe diabetes

The sure insulin requirement for hyperglycemia

This syndrome is when there is an absolute deficiency of insulin in the body which leads to no absorption of glucose and hence very high blood sugar levels. The requirement of insulin dosages at regular intervals is for sure not to be forgotten in the extreme cases can be hyperglycemia diabetes above the levels of 300 where the person can suffer from urine problems, dehydration, etc. One should immediately assess the severity of this type of diabetes and immediately get hospitalized where adequate care is taken like giving saline and various other treatments. The testing of the blood sugar levels is done on an hourly basis to check whether the condition has stabilized. Also, the nervous system can also get affected, hence needs to examine as well.

The exact opposite cases of hypoglycemia

Diabetes is highly a complicated disease. Even after taking insulin, there is a chance of complications, this is because there is an overdosage of insulin which is causing a lowering of the blood sugar levels to an extent that the patient becomes unconscious and can even die. The glucose levels become lower than 160. This is very common in type 1 diabetes where the patient is under regular dosage of insulin and hence sometimes there are emergency cases where the person is on the excess of insulin and low on blood sugar levels. Also, type 2 diabetes people who take medications for the disease can also face this type of situation. Some medications increase the effect of insulin without oozing out any additional insulin in the body; hence there are recurring cases of hypoglycemia in such patients. This can also happen in case the patient misses meals or resorts to alcohol and smoking. Hypoglycemic patients can be given sugary drinks, glucose as an emergency measure.

Keep away from insulin

The patient must immediately hospitalize in case of such chronic illness, the hypoglycemia also results in lowering of mental abilities and seizures, and in extreme cases coma. Also, there are cases where there are brain strokes, liver, and renal damages, etc due to recurrent occurrences of this disease. Also, the patients can suffer this again and again and hence they must not be discharged from the hospital till the time the doctor confirms that the patient has recovered completely. The patient must be fully ready to prevent such problems in the future as they know the cause of the disease, the patient must be fit to have a proper lunch, assure daily monitoring of the blood glucose levels, and also follow up with the doctors on regular basis.

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The severity of diabetes can be judged by the fact that the mortality rate in the world is so high.