Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance is one of the significant perks offered by companies nowadays. It is truly good to know that you and your family are in safe hands.

There are many factors to consider while considering corporate health insurance. It should be tailored to every individual’s needs in the company. Employees should submit their entire medical history. There ought to be a group discount. Make sure the doctors and hospitals covered in the policy are accessible from the company offices. Check out the reputation and past history of the insurance company. The company should reimburse the medical expenses swiftly without any hassles. Online claiming is a new feature, which may be included. Overseas medical treatment is a major benefit in the event of advanced facilities available in other countries.

Corporate Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Plan

With the dramatic increase in insurance premiums, many corporate are either pruning the health insurance premiums as they are taking a toll on both employers and employees. However, many insurance companies have made available the option of cooperative group health insurance. This plan is mostly opted for by small organizations as they can negotiate for better premiums.

The organization could check out various types of group health insurance plans offered by various companies with health care cooperatives. The personnel department of an organization could get information regarding various health insurance companies offering group health insurance from the concerned State Department of Insurance. This would help the organization to determine the type of policy that would be suitable for their employees.

While choosing the health insurance, check for the options like co-payment, the name of the doctors, and the clinics on the preferred provider list.

Preferred Provider Organization

Out of the many health insurance plans available, one of the most popular ones is PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). According to this plan, the medical treatment is totally covered by the insurance company. This is applicable not only for the hospitals or the doctor belonging to the network of PPO but also for the ones outside the network. However, the policyholder would have to pay a minimum amount for the treatment covered outside the network.

There is short-term health insurance available. It is a low-cost option to the standard health insurance. This is suitable if the employee is young and in good physical condition. The monthly premium is quite low while compared to that of a standard plan. It does not cover non-emergencies. It does not cover costs for all prescription drugs. This type of insurance plan is not suitable for every employee. If the employee has serious medical problems and needs to buy expensive drugs the standard health insurance is preferred.

Companies can take measures other than insurance to enhance the health of their employees. There could be de-addiction clinics. With most jobs being sedentary the company could provide gyms or health clubs. Yoga could be introduced for employees unable to do strenuous exercises. Meditation is useful in handling stress among company personnel. The company should realize the adage ‘Prevention is Better than cure.

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