Prescription Shrooms: How To Use It Responsibly

If you’ve heard of magic mushrooms and how they are used for microdosing, you also may have heard how it can benefit your mental health. By improving your cognitive function and mental faculties, these scheduled drugs are now available for both medical and recreational use in states they are legalized in. However, there is a huge taboo around the use and effects around magic mushrooms. Contrary to popular conception, there are plenty of ways to consume magic mushrooms other than its original form. You’ll find edibles infused with the ingredients so you can enjoy the same experience. If you’re curious to explore the usage of Shrooms but don’t know what to expect, we’ve got your back. We’re addressing the necessary precautions and discretion necessary for first time and repeat micro-dosers in this blog.

Prescription Mushrooms

  • Choose a safe space: Microdosing is a different experience for all. If you’re familiar with using cannabis, you may be better prepared as to what you’ll go through. However, since cannabis and magic mushrooms have very differet effects on the mind, it is always prudent to have a safe space to microdose This will ensure that your experiences can be modulated and there are no sudden triggers to make you jittery. If it is your first time microdosing, make sure that you have researched the product well enough, or have an experienced individual (while sober) to guide you. This takes the nerves away and ensures you have help when needed.
  • Make sure some people you trust are aware: It can be tempting to keep this a secret, however, community plays a big role in accountability. If you know a few trusted individuals, let them know about your doses and schedule so that they can pick up any signs or irregularities. It also helps to maintain a journal to note down the effects you experience when you use weed smart products to microdose; you’ll be able to track your moods and activities.
  • Do not medicate in public places: Microdosing in public places or around your children is a strict no. The reason for being against public use is the sensory overload that may cause an effect you’re not prepared to deal with before gaining enough experience. Secondly, your body and mind may feel more sensitive on a mild trip, which you may not realize in a controlled environment.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery: This goes without saying, but please don’t use any heavy machinery or drive under the influence, no matter how miniscule the dosage may be.
  • Stick to your prescription dose and timings: Going the prescribed route is best to gain the most benefit out of magic mushrooms. Make sure that you stick to the dosage and timing mentioned and don’t go over even if you feel like there is no tangible effect, without discussing it with your medical expert.

Wrapping Up:

Psilocybin or magic mushrooms can help with a lot of issues like paranoia, post partum depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders when used well. We hope that this blog makes your experience microdosing beneficial.

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