Those Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping

The term delayed cord clamping might be quite a new term that hasn’t heard before. However, this is the medical term that is recommended these days by WHO. Since this is the medical term in which only the doctor will know, you need to be informed so that you might discuss it with your doctor. This is because there are benefits behind this method of cutting the cord. The difference will be quite subtle as it needs three more minutes before the doctor may cut the cord. The common method will recommend the doctor to cut the cord within 10 seconds after birth. On the other hand, this method will need the doctor to wait for a little longer in an average of that mentioned duration above. To get further about the benefit, we will dig further from the following explanation.

delayed cord clamping

More on the Benefit

There are several benefits that you will get from this kind of method. Although it has been posted, most people might not know the benefit of this method. This is why you need to know more about it which will give you a great benefit especially when you plan for a pregnancy.

  1. To Boost in Neurodevelopmental

The general benefit of doing this delayed cord clamping is to have the overall health of the children even for years later after birth. However, the best part about this method is that it is found to bring a great boost in neurodevelopmental. This finding might not give very significant benefits to girls. Further, this benefit will let boys have higher social skills and also fine motor skills. It is compared to those babies which are cut in within 10 seconds. The benefit doesn’t result in the IQ score. Yet, it will mostly show significant development in those skills mentioned above only.

  1. To Increase the Stem Level

The other benefit that you can also find from this delayed cord clamping is the result of an infusion of stem cells. This benefit will be an important part of the immune development, respiratory, central nervous system, cardiovascular, and also other functions. Furthermore, you will find more benefits for the increase of stem cell levels. It will also help repair brain damage that might happen to the baby during birth. When early cord clamping is done, one-third of these cells are left in the placenta. This is why the method of delaying the cut of the cord will be essential to transfer these essential cells.

  1. To Decrease the Risk of Anemia

Following this method of cutting the cord with delayed time managed will be very beneficial for the baby. The iron is an important thing in the baby’s developmental process. It is needed by the baby in a certain way. Despite the fact that the excess iron in the digestive tract is not a good thing, the iron which is stored in the other part of the body will be very beneficial. When the cutting of the cord is delayed up to three minutes, it turns out that it will increase the number of iron stores by 27-47 mg. This is quite a significant number of iron that you can get by following this method. Moreover, this is because the excess number of iron will be very helpful for the baby’s digestive tract too.

  1. To Giving More Health Benefit to a Premature Baby

This method is also found very beneficial for premature babies. According to research, it is found that the preemies will need fewer drugs used to support the blood pressure, have better blood pressure after birth, need an only fewer transfusion, and have a lower risk of getting necrotizing enterocolitis. Those are the benefits that you can get for the preemies when the method of cutting the cord is delayed for several more minutes.

Those benefits above are quite simple benefits which will be very significant for the baby. If you have read this article, you might need to get further information from your doctor. This method will surely give you better benefits than the conventional method of early cord cutting which has been applied since the 1960’s. With additional details that you can get regarding delayed cord-cutting, it will be very helpful for you to get the right treatment of delayed cord cutting. You might also have the question of whether or not is possible for the cesarean births to be treated with this method. The brief answer is that it is possible to be applied to cesarean birth as well.

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