Crown Chakra – The seventh Chakra

Crown Chakra is the seven Chakra yoga of all the Chakras. Crown Chakra is located at the top of the Head. Just as the First chakra connects us to the Mother Earth the same like it Crown chakra connects us to the complete Universe. It helps in Dispersing the Universal energy or force the life into the six other chakras that are located below the Seventh Chakras. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is termed as the Sahasrara.

Location: The Location of the Chakra is the top canter of the Head, just midline between the ears.

Color: The color of the Seventh chakra is White or Violet.

Balanced Chakra

It is very important for all the chakras to be balanced. As they spin with the energy and transmit throughout the Human Body. It helps the individual function properly in both psychologically and physically.

Overactive and Underactive Crown Chakra

 In the Overactive mode, the Crown chakra leads a person to have very obsessive thoughts. People suffering from it live in the pasta or just constantly think about the future. For Underactive Crown Chakra, a person tends to be always right, spiritually unaware and selfish. Blocked Crown Chakra can lead to selfish thoughts and an inability to see a bigger picture of life.

Balancing the Seventh Chakra

Unblocked Chakra led to many several Problems so t is very much important to unblock it in order to live freely and happily. There are very professional Techniques that can help in balancing the Crown Chakra.

Meditation: Meditation is very helpful and one should meditate on the crown chakra just Focus your attention on the top of the Head.  Clearly set the intention of balancing the Chakra.

Seventh Chakra Yoga: For Unblocking Seventh Chakra Yoga is the best option. Yoga helps in balancing every chakra. Different Postures of Yoga like the Shavasana or the Lotus Position are the best for aiding the Seventh Chakra. Advanced Pose is the headstand or the Shrivasan that helps in balancing the Crown Chakra. For Seventh Chakra Yoga increase the Blood flow to the top of the Head.

Use Stones: Use Crystals and Stones like the Diamonds, Amber which will help you in activating the seventh Chakra.


This therapy is considered as the best therapy for unblocking the crown chakra as with the Floral essence such as the Lotus, Angelica and the white Tulip applied to the pulse points and can be an aid in the medication process.

The Crown Chakra is the connection with the Divinity As it is the portal through which the energy entering the Body.  This energy is very important as without energy the functioning of the human beings will not be proper and to feel disconnected with the self and the others. By balancing and strengthen the Crown Chakra a person can connect with all the higher power to receive the love which can be shared after with others also. So these are few of the points which can be practiced to heal the Blockage of Crown Chakra

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