Dental Care 101: Reasons To Never Overlook your Pearly Whites

Ignoring your dental health seems easy because the damage doesn’t show up until the later stages A little plaque and tartar may seem inconsequential for now, but your apprehension of visiting the dentist can quickly snowball into decay under such a formation. If you’re a Costa Rican who is not fond of visiting a dental specialist due to childhood memories of cleaning and veneers, well, we understand. Most people find dentist visits scary well into old age thinking that there is another painful extraction or treatment waiting for us. However, let us reassure you that it is not always the case. Dentists are trained to watch out for early signs of tooth damage and are well-versed with all the methods that can avoid the onset of such problems. These wonderful professionals protect our smiles and help us enjoy every dish we eat! Today, we have taken up the task to convince you to make dentist visits a regular event in your life rather than something to dread. By the end of this blog, you’ll be ready to dial your local dentist and finally book that appointment! Let’s start off with the basics.

Dental Care 101

Reasons to get a professional peek

“Why am I supposed to visit the tooth doctor when I’m chewing just fine?” Well, being able to chew properly and without pain is just one indicator, and you may not be able to see what’s going on with your teeth when these ingredients react with tooth enamel. Some popular reasons to regularly schedule dentist appointments are:

  • Keeping your teeth free from plaque and tartar: Have you ever noticed any yellowish build-up between your teeth and behind your teeth if you don’t brush at night? This is a residue that can quickly compress and form a hard, calcified layer of a yellow substance known as plaque or tartar. In the long run, this substance can turn your smile yellow (or even brown). Additionally, your teeth are susceptible to decay. A dentist can quickly clean this buildup in order to have your teeth feeling clean and bright!
  • Mitigating cavities: Cavities are the result of an eroded enamel due to the breakdown of processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Cavities essential mean that your teeth are decaying, which can go deep into the gums and lead to infections. A dentist can treat tiny or major cavities so that you don’t suffer while eating or going about business as usual. Getting dental implants in Costa Rica is a regular practice that can replace the decayed tooth with an artificial one so that your smile is restored along with your teeth’ functionality. Implants require a surgical procedure that can also help the aged and people experiencing gum degeneration with the aid of a gum reconstruction session.
  • Treating jaw alignment: Not everyone has a perfect bite when it comes to jaw alignment. If you think living with a misaligned jaw does not lead to problems, there are several we’d like to shed light on. From poor spine curvature and bad posture to neck, shoulder, and back pain, the alignment of your jaw can lead to so many issues in your well beings. A dental healthcare professional can help you correct this alignment issue and regain your confidence, along with finding freedom from such ancillary effects.
  • Healthier gums: The gum health is often sidetracked due to a lack of personal attention. However, a minor gum infection can quickly escalate to nerve damage and pain, if not addressed on time. Make sure that your gums stay healthy to support your teeth and mouth by visiting the dentist twice a year and checking on the color, softness, and structure of your gums. If you’re a senior, gum deterioration is one of the challenges that need to be countered with the help of a professional so you can enjoy hot and cold meals whenever you want.
  • Improved smile: Smile correction is one of the most popular reasons why people visit the dentist. A gap between the teeth, overlapping growth, misaligned teeth, and other factors can hinder you from sporting a set of pearly whites. Dentists can help you to straighten and align these teeth or close the gap between them so that your smile is radiant and dazzling.

Signs your teeth need a dental checkup:

  • Your teeth have cavities: Any minor discoloration and brown spots can indicate the onset or presence of dental cavities at work. If you already have teeth that are blackened, causing pain while eating hot or cold foods, you need to visit a dentist!
  • There is tartar buildup: Check behind your teeth and in between them. If you find a yellow or brown substance at the joints and near the gums, this is plaque that needs to be gently cleaned with a machine.
  • Stained and yellowed teeth: Drinking lots of aerated drinks, coffee and tea can stain your teeth, hampering your smile. If you smoke, chances are that your teeth and gums have changed colors too. Not brushing twice a day, lack of dental hygiene, and eating too much processed food can all lead to your teeth taking on a yellow hue. Visit a dentist to make sure that these stains are cleaned and whitened.
  • Painful wisdom tooth eruption: Your wisdom teeth can appear at any point in life post 18 years of age. They are usually very painful, which is why the assistance of a dentist is imperative. Since these are vestigial teeth, they’re not necessary to have. If your wisdom teeth are erupting in a way that cuts into your jaw, an extraction may be required. The procedure is quick and simple, which a dentist can adeptly perform. If your wisdom teeth are appearing healthy, the dentist can help in mitigating the symptoms like swelling and prevention of gum infection.

Bottom line:

Now that you’ve gone through our perspective on dental treatments, doesn’t it showcase how you can retain healthy teeth and gums with the help of dentists? A consultation will show you it’s not as scary as your memory from the past!

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