Most of us have an inclination to associate insurance with emergencies. Since dental problems are rarely a case of emergency, we are often skeptical about getting dental insurance. ‘Is dental insurance worth the investment’ is often the question that arises in our minds. Since, dental procedures are not as frequent and as expensive as health procedures, it is natural to assume that one can definitely survive without dental insurance. However, before you rubbish the idea of enrolling for a dental insurance plan, it is worth considering the pros and cons of dental insurance. Read the following paragraphs and find out for yourself ‘is dental insurance worth it or not?

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Dental Health Plans – Are They Really Worth It

Most of us get our dental insurance from our employer. The monthly premium gets deducted from our salaries. However, very few of us rarely try to find out the details of these plans. Employees are often unaware of the extent of coverage of dental insurance. Even a full coverage dental insurance does not mean that it will cover each and every dental procedure that you opt for. There are often restrictions on the types of procedures you can get done under a full-coverage plan, the number of times you get these procedures were done and the dentist from where you get them done. Most of the individual dental insurance plans cost you about $550 a year. These plans fully cover dental cleaning and examination costs. Partial (up to 50 – 80%) coverage is provided to other dental procedures like cavity filling, crowns, spacers, etc. None of the dental insurance plans cover dental implants or some other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Besides, dental coverage for braces for adults is also available through only a handful of plans.

The answer to the question ‘is dental insurance worth it’ is often in the negative for young people. Young working couples or single people may not consider buying a dental insurance plan for many reasons. Firstly, young people rarely face frequent dental problems. Whatever, few dental procedures they have to go can be repaid out of pocket, rather than paying a monthly premium amount. For instance, if your dental insurance costs you $550 a year and you only go for cleaning and examining procedures twice a year (cost about $80 – $100), then it certainly makes sense to pay these expenses out of your pocket than enroll for an insurance plan. However, this approach may not work when you decide to start a family. Kids require several precautionary and orthodontic procedures. Orthodontic procedures are expensive than regular dental check-ups. If you have a large family then paying for these expenses out of your pocket is definitely not a great idea. Typically, the various dental procedures that you might have to pay for yourself or your family members are as follows:

  • Cleanings and Checkups: $80 – $100
  • Tooth Fillings: $100 – $250 (Depends on size of the filling)
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Crowns: $1,000 – $1,200
  • Root Canals: $600 – $1,400 (Depends on tooth type: Bi-Cuspids and Molars cost more than incisors, canine cuspids, and eye-teeth)
  • Spacers: $300 – $400

Considering the cost of the above procedures and their possible frequency, you might be better off with affordable dental insurance coverage for yourself and your family. A family dental insurance plan can be a better alternative in this case. Dental insurance won’t offer full coverage on certain procedures such as root canal, crown, spacers, etc., while diagnostic procedures like X-rays are completely covered. You may have to shell extra money towards co-payments and deductibles in addition to monthly premiums. In any case, you will still be in a profitable situation when you opt for insurance coverage. Thus, the answer to the question ‘is dental insurance worth the premium’ is yes, indeed!

Whether you want to invest in a dental insurance plan or be yourself responsible for dental expenses is entirely your choice. However, do make a wise decision after assessing your income and general dental health of your family. Hope this article on ‘is dental insurance worth it’ was resourceful.

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