Amanda Cerny Wiki and Little Known Facts

Amanda Cerny is an actress, Playboy Model, got popularity for her vine videos and comedy shows on her YouTube Channel. Amanda has got featured in Cardi’s official video, ‘I like It’ and her estimated net worth is about $8 million in the year 2020. Amanda is one of the very popular names in the list of popular celebs and On 12 June in the year 2018, Amanda Cerny, the American actress was found in Cardi’s B’s video, ‘Like’. Amanda is one of former Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2011. She was also seen in many Hollywood star music videos: Maroon5 Song. She is one of the very famous faces on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts she has more than 4.6 million fans. She has also millions of followers on her YouTube channel this shows enough of her popularity.

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Amanda Cerny Instagram, Height, Age, Weight, Wiki, and Lesser Known Facts

More about Amanda Cerny

She was born on June 26th, 1991 in Pittsburgh, PA, and recently turned 29th years old. She belongs to a cancer family and occupied as a professional, television personality, and founder of Play Foundation, and this company has earned more than 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube and gained over 25 million followers on Instagram. Basically she is famous for her comedy, comedy is a tough genre and she is truly justified this genre and her comedy brought her popularity, this name, and recognition. She is also famous for her sketches which are also collaborating with fellow social stars like King Bach, Juanpa Zurita, and Logan Paul.

Amanda Cerny social media popularity

Amanda is a really beautiful pretty face and her social media also shows that she is really popular among people. She is also loved there, wanted there, and has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Her popularity over Instagram is very much and it also shows how much popularity she is getting from her work. Her fans literally love her and made her queen of their heart and this makes her each day work hard.

In an interview, she says it was not an easy choice but when I had started working towards it my life changed for the good and I believe everything happens for a reason, so each day when I receive their message or comment or like, this shows I have to work hard and I have to continue each day with my all heart. She shares a beautiful relationship with her work and she takes everything as her responsibility and it also makes her realized that when you love what you do then that thing also brings sunshine into your life and changes forever.

These are her address

Facebook account – @MissAmandacerny

Twitter: @amandacerny

Instagram: @amandacerny

Snapchat- n/a

YouTube: Cerny @Amanda

Her life

She got this popularity with her 6 second video app Vine, and she gained over 4 million followers. She is even a cover model for health and wellness magazine. She was born in Pittsburgh and brought up in Florida but later she got moved to Los Angeles, California. She has also a sister named Samantha and her half brother is on Instagram also with popularity with the name Nick Bateman. She is sharing her relationship with Johannes Bartl since the year 2017. Now she is also showing that she sharing a beautiful relationship with him and makes her believe her fall into love.

Her other connections

She is found to be featured as Rudy Mancuso in her Vine Videos. She is running her YouTube channel on YouTube and working hard each day to give something new and exciting.

Amanda Cerny Is related to Nick Bateman

She has Czech, German, and Italian heritage and dwelling in California currently and working on her career. Her mother, Amy Reed, is one of a martial artist with her own YouTube channel with her self- defense tutorials. She has a sister, Samantha Cerny.

About her family

Although she is a very private person even after being on Instagram she is not open about her family so much. Means she has shared about her family only limited information. When it comes to about their bonding and other things, she never talks about them publicly. She says, it is very necessary to maintain both professional and personal life and she is not so keen to discuss them along with others. Although, she has shared pictures of her relationship with her boyfriend she never speaks much about him. She says, she does not like to talk about her family in public, even if it is about her relationship, although, she has shared everything with her social media family and friends. But she says, she likes to keep few things private and precious.

A YouTube star

YouTube is of very challenging and creative filed and it takes lots of time to think about content and work towards them and finally record and publish them. It is only possible when you are dedicated and my family members and friends were always so supportive of my choice. I have always made bold and some unique choices and my boyfriend and family always stood by my side. So this is the reason whenever I seat to work on my YouTube, they spare me with my time. I take a lot of time to create what I want and this helped me a lot in learning about myself.

Her motivation

Well, the choices of work are as much important as the people behind your support. So when I had made up my mind to work on the YouTube channel, it was my family who brought me that peace and patience so that I can work and spend as much time on my work. But they also taught me the importance of working by taking family together. Their immense support and immense love from my fans remind me that there is a mile to go and I have to reach to the stars. Life is a long way and we all must celebrate our journey and get the best.

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