Faye Hadley Age, Height, Instagram, Wikipedia and Lesser known facts

Faye Hadley was brought into the world on 25th September 1986. Naturally introduced to a group of scholastics, Faye was pushing towards literary greatness from early on. Her dad, who has a Ph. D. from MIT, frequently urged Faye to seek academic degrees. Inconsistency, after completing her secondary school, Faye enlisted at Harvard under a sponsorship bargain. She moved on from Harvard in 2010 with a degree in Psychology.

Faye Hadley

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Faye Hadley Age, Height, Instagram, Wikipedia and Lesser known facts

Real NameFaye Hadley
Date of Birth
25 September 1986, United States
ProfessionAutomotive technician
Age34 Years as of Jan 2021
Height165 cm estimate
Net Worth$ 100k estimate
RelationshipMarried Brandon Hadley
EducationHavard University
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – pistonsandpixiedust


During her experience nearby, the All Young ladies Carport star got a neglected temporary job at a Volkswagen carport. It was here that she got acquainted with everything on the best way to fix her blown motor and resurrected it. Upon graduation, while functioning as an authorized advisor up in the Upper East, her mom saw she wasn’t satisfied with her present employment place. Accordingly, she encouraged her to seek after her fantasies. Hadley promptly gave her fourteen-day notification ahead of time to stop and later moved to Portland.

Once more, she got one more neglected temporary position at a carport while honing her abilities at a neighborhood junior college. The 33-year-old was down in accounts, yet she was content with what she was doing at any rate. At long last, her advancement came when she got some work at a Toyota vendor. She set aside and dispatched Cylinders and Pixiedust, an auto mechanics shop found in San Antonio, Texas. Her dependable clients followed her right up to the end until she made her presentation on TV.


Faye is taken; she has been hitched to Brandon Hadley since 2016, having held the wedding service on the 25th of September. The two began dating in 2015, and in under, a year they got ready for marriage and afterward wedded. They don’t have kids.

Hobbies and Interest

Her Hobbies and interests only in automotive classes and mobile repair services. She likes to teach series on, at the hands-on of workshops for women.

Faye Hadley Net Worth

Faye Hadley has become a notable grease monkey and isn’t the lone lady to do as such. Her abundance has expanded over the most recent couple of years as needs are, and it is assessed that Faye Hadley’s total assets are more than $5 million as of mid-2021.

Unknown Facts about Faye Hadley

  1. Faye Hadley began her profession as a model and wandered into the showbiz business.
  2. She is one of the well-known entertainers in the realm of film.
  3. She is most famous for her appearance on All Girls Garage.
  4. During her adolescence, her advantage in autos and apparatus expanded.
  5. On her body, she has numerous tattoos.
  6. She once bought a Volkswagen GTI while in school and went on an excursion in 2007.
  7. At that point, at a Volkswagen carport, she got a neglected temporary position, where she figured out how to fix engines.
  8. She was additionally cleaning the floors and purging the oil channel tanks.

Bottom line

Faye Hadley is an American vehicle designer, creator, and money manager. She is a projected individual from All Girls Garage, a female-situated TV arrangement. Likewise, she is the proprietor of Piston and PixieDust and established a tradeswomen association.

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