How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

There are many causes of having a stuffy nose and this can be an irritating situation, just thinking that you will not be able to breathe normally with your nose. Breathing through the mouth will not be normal especially when your mouth gets dry and you almost get like choking while breathing. Getting remedies on how to clear a stuffy nose will be your most important priority when you are in this situation. The cause of your stuffy nose may just be the weather or you are having allergies, but your most important priority will be to get rid of this particular problem.

how to clear a stuffy nose

What are the Natural Remedies on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

There are home remedies that you can apply and these are the natural procedures on how to clear a stuffy nose. A saltwater nasal wash can be one of these procedures and there are over the counter saline nasal drops that can help get rid of that stuffy nose. Gargling warm water with salt added can also be of help because the saline solution will help flush out mucus and this will also kill bacteria. Eucalyptus oil placed in cloth and inhaled can also be of help in getting rid of this stuffy nose.

The most common home remedy that people use is inhaling steam from boiling water, and many will attest to the efficacy of this method. The usual procedure is putting your head over the boiling pot (at a distance to avoid touching the hot pot) while having this covered with a cloth or towel, and breathing the steam for about 5 minutes will give you relief from this stuffy nose. This is a natural home remedy on how to clear a stuffy nose and with no cost on your end, and also a very easy procedure to do.

Other Home Remedies on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

There are also other home remedies that you can use like taking hot chicken soup. This is a traditional way to get rid of a stuffy nose that your grandmother may even recommend. Others even turn to sniff peeled onions because we know that peeled onions will cause running noses. Taking spicy foods are used by others and also drinking lemon juice or ginger juice. These are the natural home remedies that people turn to while finding solutions on how to clear a stuffy noseand the beauty of all these home remedies is that it will be at no additional cost to you

These may be the home remedies you will use if the cause of your stuffy nose is of natural origins but if this is caused by an allergy or the stuffy nose will already be chronic, a visit to your doctor may be your best option. If your stuffy nose is already a medical situation, no amount of home remedies will cure this. It will be best that your doctor will make the assessment so that this will be cured. There are many remedies on how to clear a stuffy nose, but your doctor can give the best recommendations if this will not get cured in one to two weeks of natural applications.

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