How to make your hair grow faster

Hair problems are among the most common beauty concerns. Whether it is thinning, falling or dull hair, almost everyone is concerned with their ‘crowning glory. How to make your hair grow faster? This is one of the common queries about hair care, from both men and women alike. Many are inquisitive about the use of vitamins for faster hair growth. Do you think that vitamins can be effective in promoting hair growth? If you are interested in knowing more about the role of vitamins in growing hair, continue reading this article.

how to make your hair grow faster

Hair Growth Factors

In fact, the rate of hair growth is determined by various factors that can be either positive or negative. These factors include heredity, health conditions, diet, hair care, use of supplements, hormonal changes, haircuts, etc. To be frank, there are only a few things that can be done to promote faster hair growth, that too to a small extent. This includes the intake of a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins for faster hair growth. It has been noted that hair growth in pregnant women is much faster and fuller than in others. It is widely believed that such hair growth is due to the use of prenatal vitamins. But, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the link between prenatal vitamins and hair growth. While some hair experts favor this notion, others rubbish it. It is said that faster hair growth in pregnant women may be due to hormonal changes. Proper hair care also plays an important role in growing hair. If you have any medical condition that may affect the health of your hair, get it treated. If you are interested in taking vitamins for faster hair growth, you may either go for foods that are rich in these vitamins or use supplements.

Vitamins to Grow Hair Faster

So, there are certain vitamins that are found to be beneficial for hair. As proper nutrition is very much essential for the normal functioning of the body, even hair requires certain nutrients that promote their growth and boost their overall health. But, the truth is that you should not expect any miracle like overnight growth of hair after using vitamins. However, vitamins may improve the health of the hair and may also prevent hair fall, thinning, etc. The following are some of the vitamins that promote faster hair growth.

  • Beta carotene is found in fruits and yellow vegetables and is essential for hair growth.
  • B vitamins are necessary for hair growth too. You may either consume foods that are rich in B vitamins or opt for B-complex supplements (around 50 mg a day) with folate, biotin, and inositol.
  • Vitamins for faster growth include vitamin E, which is naturally found in foods like eggs, nuts, broccoli, spinach, etc. This vitamin is said to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and also moisturize it.
  • Vitamin A and vitamin C are also said to be beneficial for hair. Vitamin A, being an antioxidant, is said to be useful in detoxifying hair shafts. One to two grams of Vitamin C has to be taken daily.

The above said are some of the hair vitamins that may contribute to faster hair growth. You may include foods rich in these vitamins or else go for supplements. If you go for supplements, then, make sure to seek the opinion of the doctor and follow his instructions. The above said is only a brief overview about the dosage of such vitamins and should not be followed as such. It is always better to go for natural foods, rather than supplements.

Apart from taking these vitamins, you must also take care of certain other factors, that may affect hair growth. If you are really interested in hair growth then avoid caffeine, consumption of sodas, smoking, fatty foods, excess sugar in your diet. You must also avoid using hot water for washing hair. Use of hot blow dryers, harsh hair care products, tools, etc., must also be avoided. Regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a balanced diet, etc., are found to be beneficial for hair. Trim the hair at regular intervals to avoid split ends and go for hot oil treatments and scalp massages. In short, a nutritious diet, a good lifestyle, and proper hair care are the most important factors, as far as hair growth is concerned. Hair vitamins may also contribute to faster hair growth to some extent.

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