How You Can Prevent Heart Disease

How can you preserve your heart health? According to health statistics, heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women. The disease usually develops gradually and results from unhealthy lifestyle habits. The good thing is you can prevent cardiovascular diseases by practicing preventive measures. It may start by identifying your risk factors for heart disease and healthy living. The preventive cardiology Upper East Side specialists offer passionate care to help you maintain your heart health and a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how you can support your cardiac health.

Heart Disease

How does preventive cardiology work?

Preventive cardiology at Upper East Side Cardiology focuses on restoring and supporting your heart health. The team works to lower your risk factors and treat underlying health conditions. Here is how you can maintain your heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Lifestyle modifications                                       

Usually, unhealthy lifestyles such as a lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diets, excessive weight, and smoking are harmful to your health. These habits increase your risk for various health issues, including heart disease. Preserving your health should start with improving your lifestyle. It may include regular exercise, weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, taking healthy diets, and having enough sleep. In addition, quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake can lower your risk of cardiovascular issues.

Identifying your risk factors

Usually, you are likely to develop cardiovascular disease if you have a family history of the disease. Being aware of your family health history can help you prevent heart disease. Your cardiology provider may recommend regular health check-ups to help lower your risk. You may develop heart disease if you have unmanaged underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Proper management and treatment of these health issues can help decrease your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Mobile cardiac telemetry

It is a device that you wear to monitor your heart’s electrical activity 24/7. Mobile cardiac telemetry records your heart’s activity all the time, including during an abnormal heart rhythm. It sends the information to a central monitoring center where a specialist observes the activity and looks out for problems.

Cardiac contractility modulation

It is a treatment for heart failure. Cardiac contractility modulation involves using an implantable pulse generator to transmit mild electrical signals to a particular area of your heart. The device does not interfere with your natural heart activity, rather, it strengthens your heartbeat.

Remote patient monitoring

It involves using devices to record your health information at home and sending it to your cardiology provider through telehealth. It may include taking blood pressure, oxygen, blood sugar levels, and electrocardiogram at home.

Complex care management

This preventive cardiac care involves a health provider checking on you regularly if you have more than two chronic conditions. The health specialists make continuous calls and send text messages according to your diagnosis and health management needs.

Heart disease is a deadly condition but the good thing is, it’s preventable. The Upper East Cardiology team can guide you on preventing the disease and maintaining your health. It may start from changing your lifestyle habits, to seeking early treatments. Regular health exams are also critical. Call the office today or book online at Upper East Cardiology to schedule your consultation.

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