3 Referral Marketing Techniques for Cosmetic Dentists

Did you know that the best form of marketing for cosmetic dentists is from word of mouth referrals? Why? Because cosmetic dentistry services satisfy emotional needs. When you give your patients the “magical” gift of increased self-confidence by vastly improving the appearance of their teeth, they can’t help but let everyone know about this life-changing experience. That’s why successfully marketing cosmetic dentistry services is so vital for the long term growth and profitability of your family practice.

Satisfied patients with improved smiles are all too eager to show off your cosmetic dentistry handiwork to their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances – and even strangers at the mall, the grocery store (you get the picture!) So, the #1 reason why referral marketing strategies for cosmetic dentists is such a necessary component of your marketing plan, is because it creates a frenzy of viral buzz for your brand of dentistry – without you spending a penny. That form of free marketing for cosmetic dentists is absolutely priceless!

Now ask yourself, why do so many family practices neglect or completely ignore this most invaluable and low-cost form of marketing for cosmetic dentistry services? My guess is that they’ve dabbled or experimented with referral marketing strategies, without making a commitment to implementing a complete referral marketing plan into their overall marketing system. As a result, they’ve become convinced that referral marketing strategies just don’t work effectively to bring in more quality new patients. This just isn’t the case!

marketing techniques for cosmetic dentists

Referral Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists Just Plain Works!

There is no greater tool in your marketing arsenal than that of employing integrated referral marketing strategies, that actually help you to sell the value of your cosmetic dentistry services – and with very little cost or effort. Just take a look at these 3 free and low-cost marketing ideas for cosmetic dentists.

1. Free Give Away

Give away a free branded t-shirt to every patient that purchases cosmetic dentistry services, including whitening.

This t-shirt should be a walking billboard for your dental practice, reinforcing the value and emotional satisfaction your services deliver.

2. Online Audio Greeting Card

Give your satisfied cosmetic dentistry patients the opportunity to send an online audio greeting card with the lyrics from the song “Baby When I See You Smile” (by rock group Bad English) to friends, family, etc.

Ask these satisfied patients to fill out a form that provides you with the names and email addresses of 3 to 5 family members or close friends that would benefit from smile enhancement. Send this audio greeting card in your patient’s name with a coupon for a service that you believe would be of interest to them.

3. Referral Gift

Create a referral marketing goody bag to give away to your satisfied cosmetic dentistry patients.

Why just give away toothbrushes? Give your happy and satisfied patients the tools they need to refer you to friends and family. Include a pack of preprinted postcards that they can personalize and mail to their family and friends that brag about the services they’ve just received. How about including 3 gift certificates for a free electric toothbrush, with space for them to fill in the names of family and friends.

These are just a few referral marketing strategies for cosmetic dentists, but I hope it helps you to get your creative juices flowing. If you’d like to learn more helpful tips and ideas about successful marketing for cosmetic dentists, please visit my website. Or, if you’re ready to take your cosmetic dentistry marketing to the next level, explore how a Business Building Blueprint can increase your family practice’s growth and revenues.

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