Salice rose age, height, twitter, Instagram, Wiki and lesser known facts

Salice Rose is a social media star and American Instagram artist. And she is more famous for her comedic videos and her lifestyle posts. She puts the posts on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. After long days of hard work, she became a famous star on social media.

Career Growth

Salice Rose was born on November 20, 1994, in California, USA. She had several siblings and two brothers and sisters. In August 2020, Salice Rose had more than 217 million YouTube subscribers on Facebook. But she had the most popular only for the Twitter account. She was an active social media user for many years and her TikTok account had millions of followers. Salice is known as a famous social media user and she had lots of users for social media. Salice had the habit of video sharing on social media. Most of the social media stars have had depression and mental health. She has posted a vulnerable video for her bad experience. She is sharing her instability and weakness in this video. She told me how she is triggered in society. At the same time, she also shared some other feelings on that day.

salice rose

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Salice rose age, height, Twitter, Instagram, Wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameSalice Rose
Date of Birth
November 20, 1994, Lancaster California, USA
ProfessionYouTuber, Singer, and Model
Age 26 Years as of Jan 2021
Salice rose Height165 cm
Gender Female
Ethnicity Peruvian Descent
Religion Christianity
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Body Measurements 34-24-34
Known forTattoos
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Nationality United States
Social MediaInstagram – salicerose

Twitter – salice_roseee

Youtube – here

Tattoos Love

She makes multiple tattoos of her body and most of them pay tribute to her Christian heritage. And she is present in the close-knit family. For example, she makes the rosary tattoo, last supper, and crucifixion on her body. She had lots of love for her tattoos. On the Instagram account, she has posted the different types of modelling shots, videos, mirror shots, photos from her day, and more.

Career Growth

After a long time, she has started her YouTube channel and she claims about their relationship. Salice was abused emotionally and verbally. Salice responded with the half video which is refuting the claims, and she is saying that lying her name on social media makes her fans very happy. Salice has a private and love life about her relationships. Because she is in the waves of depression in her life and she makes the turn of her lifestyle and she had the waves of depression. She lived in California and is of Peruvian descent. She posted her first picture on her Instagram page in 2013.

salice rose instagram

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Waist Training

She also promotes apparel such as hoodies, T-shirts, and other clothes for some of the companies. At a single point in time, she promoted waist training products in her Instagram handle. But these pictures were deleted in later days because of some controversies.

Salice Rose Uniqueness

Salice rose had a follower personal contact and her videos had the most popular because of the youngsters. Their failures and struggles teach that she is the one solution for all of her problems. The funny content in all her videos gives her immense popularity. She can do all types of content like funny, comedy, and others.

Chase the Relationship

Salice Rose is notoriously secretive about her love life in the year 2019. And she posted the video on her Twitter account. Once she is putting the video in her account and after some time there are huge controversies created behind her work.

Personal Life

She is born on 1994, November 20 in Califonia in the USA. She is also a Peruvian descent. She luckily had the two brothers’ name of Peruvian descent and her brother’s name is Ashley. Unfortunately, she is living with had a bisexual relationship. And her relationship girlfriend’s name is Brilynn Ford as a fellow YouTuber. She is bilingual. She uses medium level communication through her video and she could speak in Spanish also.

Salice Rose Inspiration Story

Salice Rose is a big fan of R&B singers and she admired this singer’s success. Her favourite song of the singer is Trey Song. He is more famous for his video and hard work. She has 11 million Instagram followers on the internet. She had lots of differences in the followers.

Salice Rose Net Worth

Salice had a tough childhood but also managed to get the shackles in poverty and he is enjoying life with moderate riches. Authoritative sources estimate the rose net worth as $400,00 and he had quite an impressive career.

Hidden Stories

Salice had been quite open about her personal life and she is sharing all their major details on the social media platform. The “Coming out Story” is the most lovable interesting story of all readers. Nowadays, she has kept her relationship in the public eye.

Rose Body Measurements

She stands at 5feet and 5inchs and it is equal to 1.65m and she has had a weight of 114lb or 52kg. Her basic statistics is 34-24-34 inches. She makes the dyed her hair and she also had brown colour eyes. She is considered rather than beautiful by the many.

Internet Fame

Salice also had a famous Facebook and Twitter and her official Facebook page has over 9,30,000 followers for her career promotion. Furthermore, the Salice Rose had 2,30,000. She is posted popular videos, photos on her Instagram page. On the other hand, she is one of the active Facebook and YouTube users. His fan base is increased for the everyday manner. She puts the maximum tattoos on her shoulder. Apart from that, she uploads many trending videos on her YouTube. She can explore her talent through her channel. Furthermore, there are one million subscribers available on her channel.

Unknown Facts about Salice Rose

She is a very attractive model in the industry and she has worked as the ambassador in many of the top companies in the USA. In the year 2017, Ms. Rose came to the Latin Music Awards. On the other hand, she had the social media tool for popularity.

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