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Natasha Aughey is an ideal in the field of fitness and now she has become a social media celebrity hailing from Canada. Although, her life was quite interesting the way she entered into this field and received huge popularity and love. So at a very tender age, she started learning high School, performing cardio and gym is what always attracted her at such a tender age.  With time she has even received huge popularity and turned globally famous.

If you come to know about her net worth, then it is $100,000 – $1M. Apart from that, she is very much popular on YouTube where most of them are used to visit over there and get to know about her training plans. Even you can see that most of the people are used to follow them. People are also claiming that the plans are absolutely great and at the same time, they are offering great results in a short span of time.

So, if you are the one who would like to know more about her early life and her career, let’s jump into the discussion which will be helpful for all the seekers who all are looking for a long time to know about this sensation.

Natasha aughey

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Natasha Aughey Instagram, Age, Height, Work routine, Wiki, Bio & Facts

Real NameNatasha Aughey
Date of Birth18 March 1993
Age27 Years Approx ( Nov 2020 )
Height168 cm
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer
Birth PlaceOttawa
EducationNot Known
Net Worth500k – 1M $
Social MediaInstagram – @ natashaughey

Twitter – @ natashaughey 

Youtube – @ NatashaAughey

Early years

She was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and she was crazy about this fitness thing. So since childhood, she has played a number of sports like soccer and led a healthy lifestyle.

And during her childhood school days, she started doing gym. So she played lots of sports early in her life from cardio to other outdoor games.

Weight training

It is said about her she took some days of training and she was completely in love with her fitness and own body. From there on she had decided to work on her fitness more and more. But later on, she felt her growth in her physique has stopped. So she committed herself towards her health and growth and she lost much weight and built an amazing figure. Those days she did not mean to develop her curves.

With time people too had started encouraging her for her dedication so she also shifted her focus on weight lifting.

natasha aughey

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Who is Natasha Aughey dating?

Well, Natasha Aughey is single currently as per the news. She was born in Ottawa on March 18, 1993. With time her talent gave her special place and she became a bodybuilder sensation and Instagram star. She is also known for posting modeling pictures and all her work out techniques. She shares everything about her life along with her audiences and followers and her fans also love her equally. They are also curious about knowing about her. She has more than 700, 000 Instagram followers and she is also famous for being an ambassador for EHP Labs.

Relationship status

Her relationship status is single and currently, she is not dating anyone. She has turned to 27 and according to reports. They say she has only dated a single person to this date. She was not engaged in any relationship till then as she was more focused on her career than relationship. Although Natasha is not very keen towards sharing her personal life still the sources and according to her statement, it is clear that she is not with anyone.

Fact: She is just about to cross 28 and she still says she is more focused on her career than relationship.

Well, as sources say Natasha is single for long and she does not have any boyfriend. The sources even say that she is not even in the mood of dating anyone right now.

Her family and relations

Although, there is very little information about Natasha’s relationship with her family because she loves to keep everything private!

Fitness icon

Fitness is not just about fitness it is more about commitment anyone does to him or herself. From training routine to diet plan everything must be well planned and followed with discipline. She later on added so many things into her routine such as lean muscle mass which helps in giving a powerful physique. Natasha took her training quite seriously and she followed everything to stand individual from the crowd. That is why, her muscular shoulder, tight waist, and thick legs are something that let her earn her name in the fitness community. Moreover, she was quite lucky enough that she got huge support from her friends who helped her in making social media profile and share her journey online.

In the year 2013, she has posted for the first time on Instagram and thereupon she got recognition in a quick moment. And in the next 3 years, she became a great fitness sensation in Canada. There she shared everything about her fitness and gym, her diet plan. She recommended her followers too what to eat and what to not and avoid spicy and oily.


Well, she goes 6 days to the gym each week, devotes only a day to relax and recover. She even enjoys performing up to 25 reps, in sets of 4-5 for continuing in developing her lean body.


Natasha is quite serious and dedicated quality about her diet plans, nutrient-dense foods, consume clean. But she loves chicken, rice and green vegetables. There is one good thing about Natasha where she cooks her cheat meal in a much nutritious way.


If you wish to follow her you can find out in all social media. She is there sharing her experience and diet plans. She even guides everyone, her followers about what kind of diet must be followed. Her personal life is not much known about her but she loves to share everything about herself with her fans and followers.

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