Signs of High Blood Sugar

If the sugar level in your blood rises above the normal level, it can create some health problems for you. Even if the level falls below a certain point you will be faced with problems. So a consistent normal blood sugar level is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Sugar or glucose is found in almost all foods in different forms. And it is necessary because glucose gives you energy. This glucose is carried by the blood to the cells in the various parts of your body. Now there is an important fluid produced in the body called insulin. It is important for the successful passage of glucose to your cells. If this fluid does not get produced, the glucose meant to enter the cells will remain in your bloodstream. This will increase the level of sugar in your body. Here we will talk about the causes and signs of high blood sugar level.

Signs of High Blood Sugar

Causes of High Blood Sugar

  • These are some general causes of high blood sugar that are generally observed in people.
  • Stress is one of the main reason for the increasing level of blood sugar
  • Lack of regular exercise can also lead to increased sugar in the blood.
  • Certain illnesses and infections can cause blood sugar problems.
  • Some drugs like steroids also affect blood sugar levels.
  • Not taking your diabetic medication or insulin injections can raise your blood sugar.
  • Following a diet containing high quantities of carbohydrates will be bad for blood sugar.
  • A bad lifestyle including eating irregularly, lack of sleep and exercise.
  • Signs of High Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar signs are tricky to read. Sometimes, there may be no symptoms at all till you reach a dangerous stage. Also, these are general symptoms of high blood sugar that a majority of people experience before they are diagnosed with diabetes. But your case may be different and your symptoms might mean something else or nothing at all. So do not assume anything or start taking any medication based solely on this article. Visit your doctor and a simple blood test can reveal the real cause of your symptoms.

If increased levels remain so for several hours and result in dehydration, other high blood sugar symptoms may that may be observed are:

  • Increased drowsiness and confusion
  • Dizziness upon standing
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Unconsciousness
  • Difficulty breathing

As I have already said, these may or may not be symptoms of hyperglycemia or diabetes. But if you experience any of these symptoms in a severe way, you should not ignore them at any cost. This is because if your condition worsens, it may lead to ketoacidosis, which can be very dangerous. So see your doctor immediately for any of the above symptoms. Also, if you experience any signs of high blood sugar during pregnancy, you should immediately see your doctor about it, as it can be dangerous for you and your baby. You can go through this high blood sugar level chart for proper reference.

In the end, leading a balanced life with a good amount of regular exercise, ample water intake, and minimum eight hours of sleep will help you deal with many health troubles. Also, get a general health checkup done every month or so. If you are diagnosed with high blood sugar in the early stages or if you see any of the above signs of high blood sugar, get your blood checked regularly.

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