Understand the Following Things Before Getting Lip Fillers

You may have come across pictures of failed lip injections, and you are now more than scared to go through the procedure. If you feel you need lip injections, there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to the best lip surgeons, many people are enjoying their beautiful and full lips. Therefore, if you want to get the best result and avoid being a victim of failed lip injections, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the procedure. Here are vital things you need to know before getting lip fillers.

Lip Fillers

What is Lip Augmentation?

It is crucial to understand lip fillers and what they are before going through the procedure. Lip augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that involves injecting hydraulic acid into the lips for full, plump, and sensual lips. People go for lip fillers to restore the volume, shape, and appearance of their lips. The good thing is that the procedure is customizable. Therefore, you can choose whatever suits you best.

There Are Different Types of Fillers

Before you go for the fillers, you must know the different types. Nowadays, people have other choices apart from the only collagen choice available before. Each type differs in how thick it makes the lips and how they appear. When you go for lip fillers at Sistine Aesthetics, the doctor will evaluate you physically and your goals. Then they will know the best type for you.

Choosing a Qualified Provider is Vital

The primary reason there are victims of failed cosmetic procedures is that most people do not scrutinize their providers well. Remember, getting lip fillers is a cosmetic procedure that the provider must carry out in a medical place. The process can present different risks if done the wrong way. Therefore, ensure your provider is highly-trained and board-certified to carry out the procedure.

Preparation is Crucial

It is a non-invasive procedure, but that does not mean you should not prepare. Your preparation determines the extent of success. Your doctor will advise you to quit smoking and use certain medicines sometime before the procedure. This helps minimize bleeding and improves results and recovery.

Fillers Do Not Last Forever

Unfortunately, lip injections are not forever. However, some fillers last six months to even a year, depending on your type. You may need to undergo the procedure again once the results fade. Some fillers stay in the body longer. So, it can be a good idea to get them often.

There is Minimal Aftercare

Selling and bruising depend on an individual. However, as long as you have a qualified provider and do the proper preparation, you can expect minimal or no bleeding. Understanding the post-filler recovery procedure is vital to maintaining the results. You may experience a little bruising that goes away after a day. It is advisable that if you experience more swelling or severe pain, you should call your provider.

Final Thoughts!

Getting lip fillers is a medical cosmetic procedure that an experienced provider must carry out. Therefore, before you get one, understand these things and ensure you know the correct type.

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