5 Tips To Prevent Periodontitis

The inflammation and swelling of the gums might look like a minor issue, but they indicate gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease can progress to periodontal disease Campbell when left untreated. Your dentist will diagnose the early signs of gum disease and treat the issue with preventive measures which kill the bacteria. Periodontitis is characterized by deep pockets between the teeth and the gums, and they may collect food particles and cause excessive bacterial growth between the teeth and the gums. Unfortunately, periodontitis disease leads to the exposure of the teeth roots and eventually results in tooth loss. These are tips to prevent periodontitis at home.


Brush and Floss Effectively

Periodontitis starts as gum disease when the food particles stick to the teeth, leading to tartar and bacterial growth. The tartar will lead to plaque which attaches to the gum line resulting in excessive bacterial growth. Thus, you should brush and floss the teeth effectively to reduce the number of food particles that stick to the teeth and the gums. Additionally, most toothpaste contains fluorides and other chemicals which kill off the bacteria in your mouth. Your dentist may explain the proper brushing and flossing techniques that eliminate tartar.

Use Mouthwash after Brushing

Sometimes brushing and flossing might not kill the bacteria in your mouth, and you need to use mouthwash. Using mouthwash after brushing the teeth might kill the bacteria in the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. Additionally, the mouthwash removes the odors which might be left after brushing the teeth.

Avoid Sugars

The sugars damage the teeth as they provide food for the harmful bacteria in your mouth. Thus, you can swish with water after eating sugary food and brush your teeth to remove the sugar which remains in the mouth after eating. Thus, avoiding sugary food will prevent periodontitis, prevent weight gain and reduce obesity. You should also avoid other foods such as coffee, juice, and acidic food that might erode the gum line.

Avoid Excessive Smoking

Excessive smoking might be bad for your lungs but would lead to gum disease. Smoking leads to tartar buildup in the mouth as nicotine is sticky and can attach to the surface of the teeth. Additionally, it worsens gum disease resulting in periodontitis. Smoking might affect the circulatory system and lead to heart disease. Additionally, it may cause lung cancer. Thus, reducing smoking might be ideal for your health.

Get Regular Checkups

You should opt for regular checkups as the dentist will notice the first signs of gum disease before it progresses into periodontitis. The gum disease might appear as redness, inflammation, and pain in the gums, progressing into periodontitis. The dentist will offer preventive measures such as treating the swelling and inflammation and reducing the chances of developing periodontitis.

Periodontitis causes deep pockets between the teeth and the gums and results in chronic pain. Food particles might collect in these pockets leading to the growth of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, the harmful bacteria worsen periodontitis and could result in tooth loss. Thus, you should get regular checkups as the dentist can treat gum disease before it progresses into periodontitis. However, you can opt for home remedies for periodontitis, such as brushing and flossing the teeth regularly and using mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria. Then avoid certain food like sugars, juice, and acidic food, which damage the gums.

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