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Utah Medicaid is a medical insurance program for low-income persons with limited means. The program is designed to help people who are living in poverty and cannot afford to buy insurance. They may not have money to pay for rent, food, or medical care. For example, they may be adults with a low income but no disabilities, or children on Medicaid who are now adults.

And do not qualify for Utah Medicaid anymore or women of childbearing age without children living at home. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the program and the eligibility for you if you are a citizen or foreign-born person in Utah. Please note that Medicaid does not provide coverage for religious services and care, but it will cover emergency medical services (ambulance).

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Why choose Utah Medicaid and its benefits?


Utah has a long history of implementing effective insurance policies and programs to help low-income, uninsured individuals and families access health care. Our current Medicaid program is a result of efforts to expand health care access in Utah.


Medicaid is a federally funded insurance program that provides health coverage to people with limited financial means who do not have health insurance. It is administered by the state’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHS). Utah Medicaid is Healthy Kids and Utah Advantage. Among other things, Medicaid provides health coverage for children, maternity care for pregnant women, specialist and general check-up visits for adults, and preventive services for children.

By federal law, Medicare (for people 65 years of age or older) and Medicaid are the only two major federal programs that provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to low-income people. This means that there is no other primary coverage available to these individuals in their own country.

Benefits of the Utah Medicaid:

If a person is not eligible for Medicaid, they may be eligible for Healthy Kids (only young adults without children) or Utah Advantage (for everyone). There are different categories of individuals who may qualify for benefits. The following is a summary of the different categories and their eligibility:  The table below illustrates the different types of individuals who are able to enroll in Utah Medicaid programs.

Utah’s Healthy Kids and Utah Advantage initiatives are established by federal law and administered by the State Medicaid Agency (SMA) and the Department of Human Services. These two programs provide health coverage to persons between the ages of 19 and 49 years old whose income is too low to meet their health care needs.

The Utah Medicaid benefits are:

In Utah, there are two kinds of benefits that you might be eligible for through your employer’s health care (or group) insurance plan. These benefits include Medical Assistance and Supplemental Medical Insurance (SMI).

Medical Assistance is a federal program that provides Federal financial assistance (benefits) to low-income people who may not have enough money to pay for medical expenses. The people who receive this kind of medical coverage may be minors, seniors, full-time students, people with disabilities, and those who are elderly or disabled.

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