With the right gemstone, you can achieve many goals in your life, such as getting a promotion, creating more abundance, taking your business to new heights, hitting your fitness goals, getting your desired job, or even attracting love.

Yes, you read it right! Some crystals can help you unlock your heart chakras, mend a broken heart or get you tuned to the energy of love and sensuality. So if you want to welcome the wonder of unconditional love into your heart, get the best crystal for love and romance from a recognized crystal store.

All love crystals promote healthy relationships with family members, life partners, friends, or self-love; however, the effects are dependent on what kind of crystal it is. You can use these crystals alone or with others for a more powerful impact. Here’s the list of some love crystals that can help you find the love of your life. Continue reading!

Best crystals for love

Best love crystals to energize or revive your love life

Rose Quartz

When it comes to crystal for love, the first crystal that comes to mind is the Rose Quartz. Its beautiful pink shade is enough to bring lovey-dovey feelings to one’s mind. It radiates calming vibrations that open your heart chakra, and its manifesting properties act as a magnet for love and romance in your life.

Whether you wear it in the form of jewelry or keep it in your pocket, its effects are miraculous. It encourages self-love and empathy and improves your communication skills, which are vital for a healthy, loving relationship.

Pink Tourmaline

If you want to strengthen your emotions and cope with emotional difficulties, Pink tourmaline is the stone for you. It has protective properties that help you fill your life with love and romance and repair your existing relationships.

Its lovely pink color has soothing effects on your mind and can help you balance your emotions and your mind. Furthermore, it promotes qualities like loyalty and faithfulness vital for any relationship: love, family, or friendship.


Have you gone through a break-up? If yes, you need to heal and recharge your mind, body, and soul so that you can open up to love once again. This is what Malachite best do! This crystal for love is used to get your heart chakra in check. Keeping Malachite helps you feel safe, stable, and secure in opening the doors of your heart to make love and enjoy the feeling of being loved again.


Moonstone boasts feminine energy that can bring balance and divine adaptation to everyones’ heart who chooses it. It radiates calming energy that promotes relaxation and healthy relationships. It helps reunite the lovers who have been separated due to heartbreak or circumstances. Hence, it is the crystal known to amp up the luck of love and bring the souls together both physically and emotionally.

Green Aventurine

If you want to thrive in your relationship with your partner, keep Green Aventurine at your side. It is an excellent crystal, especially for those standing in a new relationship. Moreover, it can help you thrive in every facet of your life because it grants you the energy, power, and grace required to make all dreams come true.

These were the six popular crystals for love that you can find in any crystal store. But if you want to be benefitted from their magical effects, make sure you are buying the genuine crystals from a well-reputed and recognized store.

The best way to buy crystals is to go online because when buying online, you can check the reviews of the previous customers and easily analyze the supplier’s reputation.

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