The places where Earth’s Most Powerful Energetic Points and Chakras Are Located

We all know that there are powerful energy points or chakras located within our bodies. However, what is also important to note that this plan also has a few energy points that are extremely vital for you to know. If you start to look at the benefits that this universe presents to us, you would realize that almost everything is connected.

Just like the fact that we are connected to the earth, there are also a lot of electrical currents that simply run all across the planet, which are also known as Ley lines. These are very much similar to what we would call the veins of the planet, much like it is important for us to have veins within our own circulatory system.

The planet has been able to contain lines of energy that wrap around the earth, just like the very famous strands of DNA that end up making our genetic code. However, it is also a fact that just like magnetic poles, there are certainly Ley lines which intersect in certain places of the earth, which makes it an extremely high point of energy concentration, and this is where most of the scientific anomalies begin to happen.

These lines are also able to take a lot of information from a very high vibration point and transport them to all the other places in the world while spreading knowledge as well as wisdom to all the people. Most of the time, there are a lot of coincidences that can surprise us, and the phenomenon of Ley lines are also one of them. What is most shocking to know is the fact that most of these lines intersect around some of the most important one immense across the world, notably the Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids, Angkor Wat and Machu Pichu.

If you take a look at some of the ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, you begin to understand that they had an innate understanding of energy and power, and went on continuing to harness that to that effect. In some cultures, particularly in China, these lines are also known as Dragon lines. In South America, they are also referred to as the spirit lines.

Places Where earth’s most powerful chakras are located

  • Mt Shasta, USA

Mt Shasta, which happens to be a portion of the Cascade Mountain range, and happens to run all the way from North Carolina to Oregon and up to the Canadian border is also known as one of the most electrically charged mountains that you can find in the world. They always seem to be positively buzzing with energy, and also happens to be the base of the energy system for this planet.

  • Lake Titicaca, South America

Also located in the geometrical center of the solar plexus, Lake Titicaca is surrounded by a lot of South American heritage, also known as the Mayan civilization. There are places like Macho Pichu which lie extremely close to this particular energy point, giving credence to the fact that it is one of the best places in which you would be able to experience high energy.

  • Stonehenge, Ireland

Stonehenge earth Chakra

In its adjoining areas of Glastonbury, Dorset, Somerset, and Shaftesbury, you would be able to find instances of the immense amount of energy. It is notably known as one of the strongest points in which you would be able to find the Ley lines intersecting, and they provide an immense burst of energy.

By visiting these places, you would be able to find some of the most insane bursts of energy that would help you understand the chakras of mother Earth.

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