Stress is inevitable, considering the overly competitive surroundings around you. So, how to prevent stress? It seems to be a million dollar question. And it is. The world, presently, is reeling under a grave energy crisis. The energy crisis, in question, is not just about fossil fuel or other conventional sources, but about the dilapidated state of inner energy reservoirs. Millions, belonging to the age bracket of 20-40, today, are suffering from innumerable health problems, which stem from high levels of stress and anxiety. Each one of us has little time left, to know who we are and where are we headed. Often we get stuck in the rigmarole of ‘what has to be done, but do we ever wonder, what needs to be done? Let’s take a moment here, to figure out what needs to be done in order to find an answer for how to prevent stress?

How to Prevent Stress

What to Do to Prevent Stress?

Let’s Face It

Honestly, as I sit here, in front of my machine, I am under stress. I am under the stress of accomplishing my monthly targets at the office. I am under the stress of fulfilling every responsibility at home. I am under the stress of being a best friend to my best of chums. I am under the stress of excelling in my academics and the upcoming exams. I am under the stress of the impending need to lose weight as it’s hampering my health. I am under a lot of stress and I am too looking for stress free living tips.

Trust me, every night, before I fall asleep, these thoughts are running through my head at the speed of light, ruining my good night’s sleep, consequently adding to my stress. But, whom do I confide in my stress to?? Instead, today, I chose this alternative of venting it out of you, by writing about them. This is a truckload of weight, off my shoulders. A simple trick to know how to prevent stress, write about your stress, the dark confessions of your mind, and bottled emotions. You don’t need anyone to face your own fears. They are yours, so you face them now.

What Next?

Now that you’ve noted the root causes of your stress, it’s time to eliminate them. According to a very close friend of mine, we all have our own center of the universe, and only a few things or persons, revolve around us, in an orbit. So, the moment something from the external universe (root causes of stress), try to enter the center of our universe (invade our personal space), it leads to a monumental upheaval. He also says, the simplest way of dealing with the upheaval or stress, is to know the center-orbit relationship, which means prioritizing your needs with absolute practicality and finding your balance. Thus, learning the technique of setting a priority – how to set priorities, is absolutely unavoidable. To put it simply, the reason you are stressed today will fade away tomorrow. Thus, focus your energy on making the most of what you have at the moment, let go of what has happened, and forget about what might happen tomorrow.

Be Yourself

Surpassing academics, winning every trophy, striking the perfect balance between personal and professional life and just being the jack of all trades, will only make you the master of none. Thus, know what your skills, interest, and likes are, and draw a clear line of distinction between the two, to know what makes you happy. Being responsible, does not mean, you smother your inner desires. This only leads to a huge pileup, causing it to explode one day, like a life-threatening volcanic eruption. Burning your candle at a million ends can cause depression, high blood pressure or even low blood pressure. Thus, use some time out, say every month, to indulge in an activity of your choice.

A Little Management

Being a corporate professional is not an easy task. I am sure even Hercules would have agreed. So, how to prevent stress at work? Job stress is, honestly, a part and parcel of growing up, if only you look at it from a positive perspective. So, long I’ve only spoken about ‘being practical’, dealing with stress at work is a real-life example of it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you have to work. Managing your time and your wavering mind is all you need to deal with the stress at work. Get to your workplace 15 minutes early. Take fewer breaks. Promise only what you can deliver and make a diligent effort towards getting there. These are the only modifications you’ll have to make, in order to cross out the stressing out factors at the workplace. The other reasons for getting stressed out in a workplace can be due to your colleagues or a harassing boss. Do me a favor and save us both our time. Read my article on emotional intelligence at work.

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