Best Protein Foods to Lose Weight

Since ages, fitness experts have been stressing the importance of regular exercising for a toned and attractive body. However, recent studies proved that exercise is not the only thing that helps in weight loss, it’s also what you eat. The foods that you consume play a very important part in determining how soon you will shed those extra kilos. Most people are opting for these high protein diets because they help enhance the benefits of exercise by losing the fat content of the body without losing the muscle. The concept of protein rich foods is getting more and more people interested as it offers maximum health benefits with proven results.

Best Protein Foods to Lose Weight

Protein is an essential source of energy and it plays a very important role in about every single function the body performs. Lots of women and men have the wrong opinion that high protein foods contribute to weight gain and hence avoid them at any cost. The fact of the matter is that keeping your body protein starved is very unhealthy and can affect your health in a very bad manner. Including protein rich foods to lose weight in your diet is probably the best way to shed off that extra flab. The moment you begin your exercise routines, your body starts the process of burning calories and in this process many times the body also burns off muscles without you knowing it. Your muscles will not grow properly if you consume a low protein diet.

Best Protein Foods to Lose Weight

Protein rich foods are rich in amino acids which help in the formation of lean tissue in the body. High protein foods are digested slowly and very easily by our body. Such foods don’t cause a big impact on our blood sugar and help keep them at normal levels. Protein rich foods contribute to the high energy requirements of the body and the following foods are a must in the diet for people who want to lose those extra kilos.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

It’s true that most low-fat dairy products are rich sources of proteins and various other forms of nutrients. According to leading nutritionists, skimmed milk and fat free yogurt are very helpful in contributing to weight loss. This has been proven by a recent study conducted in the United States in which many overweight women were put on a strict diet for about 6 months. Low-fat milk products were a part of these diets and nutritionists found a link between consuming skimmed milk and eating very little food after drinking it. You can eat, low fat cheese and even low fat cream in moderate quantities.


Beans are food with high proteins and less fat. They are cheap to buy and can be cooked in various ways to make them more delicious and tempting. Beans are widely used in Mexican dishes as they are high in proteins, fiber, and phosphorus. Black beans and Pinto beans are very popular with bodybuilders as they are low in cholesterol and also help in reducing excess weight.

Lean Poultry

Lean poultry means poultry meat cooked in less or without oil. The best examples are skinless turkey and chicken, the removed skin makes the meat low in fat and high in nutrients. Various food journals have reported that eating lean white meat is one of the best ways to stay healthy without putting on extra kilos. Lean poultry meats prevent muscle loss and it’s advised that you take these meats with whole wheat bread or by grilling and baking.


Fish is an ideal example of protein rich foods to lose weight. It’s not only rich in proteins but it also has high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for the human heart. You can go in for low-fat fish like red snapper, cod, pike, pickerel, and striped bass. If you want to make your fish healthier, indulge in low fat cooking by grilling or baking.

So these were some of the best protein rich foods to lose weight. A proper exercise routine and a balanced diet is the ideal way to lose weight and build an attractive body. Don’t just omit proteins from your diet, as protein deficiency makes matters more complicated.

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