Top 5 Misconceptions That You Should Never Believe About Neck Lift

Your neck does wonders in helping you turn around in different directions. However, like any other body organ, your neck is subject to adverse changes when you grow old. Wrinkles and lines are some of the changes that you will notice on the skin around your neck. The low collagen production as you age is responsible for those cosmetic flaws on your neck. Fortunately, through the Scarsdale neck lift, you can alleviate those aging signs on the neck and live on top of your life. If you anticipate this surgical procedure, below are misconceptions that you should never believe.

Neck Lift

The Neck Lift Is for the Older Individuals

You may think that only older adults can benefit from this procedure, but you are mistaken. The reality is that other risk factors such as smoking can cause cosmetic flows along the neck. When you smoke, the nicotine components limit the blood flow to the neck skin and impair skin elasticity. Consequently, you will have droopy skin, making you appear older than your age. In that case, the neck lift would help revitalize your neck skin, irrespective of age.

The Results Are Noticeable

Many people are reluctant to pursue the neck lift since they are concerned that the results will look fake after the neck lift surgery. However, when you seek the procedure from a skilled expert, you will realize the uniform results that match your complexion. Consequently, no one around will notice that you have undergone the neck lift until you share the news.

The Recovery Time Is Long After the Procedure

Although your surgeon will recommend that you plan for your recovery, in most cases, you will resume your everyday activities after a few weeks. Usually, the surgeon will offer you the appropriate medications to help smooth your recovery after the surgery. The specialist will also recommend that you engage in light exercise after the neck lift since extreme exercise may prolong your recovery.

Only Women Should Seek the Neck Lift

Many individuals propagate this baseless idea and forget that women and men encounter aging signs equally. Although masculinity may hinder some men from undergoing skin enhancement therapies, men can achieve a youthful appearance on their necks. Nowadays, there is no stigma linked to pursuing neck lift surgery.

Neck Lift Results Are Permanent

While the neck lift surgery will do well in revitalizing your neck skin, it is worth noting that aging does not stop there. You will still experience reduced collagen production, likely triggering cosmetic concerns in your neck area. Usually, neck lifts give you an initial approach to fighting the aging signs on your skin which needs further maintenance. Proper skin care practices, such as protecting your skin from excessive sunlight, can help prolong the neck lift results.

Aging usually triggers skin concerns on your neck, such as wrinkles, which usually undermine your attractiveness. Other risk factors, such as smoking, can cause premature aging effects on your neck and skin. The good news is that you can rejuvenate your neck skin through the neck lift. While seeking this surgical procedure, you may think that the result will be noticeable, but procedures guarantee a natural look, especially when performed by a specialist. Your gender should never hold you back since both men and women can benefit from a neck lift.

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