Secrets to Fuel Your Concentration Abilities

“When you write down your ideas, you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few, if any of us, can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.”    –    Micheal Leboeuf

Staying up all night long to study, winding up a project before its deadline, or preparing for an important competitive exam are some of the common circumstances that we all have experienced. All such situations are enough to make you understand the importance of concentration and how it leads you further.

It is one of the leading mental health issues taking a toll on everyone’s health with passing days. Statistics reveal that the overall percentage of people who have a mental illness is up to 25.8% as of now. Most of them are female.

Concentration is referred to as a mental state of mind or an effort that sticks your mind to one goal. Believe it or not, improved concentration levels are associated with improved performance and accelerated body energy.


What affects concentration the most?

Before we know about the factors that help you improve your concentration abilities, let’s focus on the pain points. There can be many reasons behind poor or degrading concentration levels, including – age, lack of sleep, paucity of motivation in life, no set goal in mind, brain injuries, a traumatic experience, memory loss problems, emotional setback, and much more.

All such factors are likely to make you feel frustrated, leading to stress and depression. But why let that happen when there are ideal ways to improve your concentration power.

How to improve your concentration power?

1 – Brain training – There are so many fun ways to train your brain for better concentration. Some of them include – crossword puzzles, sudoku, memory games, jigsaw puzzles, word search, chess, and much more. As per a 2015 study, more than 4715 adults spend more than 15 minutes a day to train their brains effectively. And it has shown some fantastic results in improved memory and other brain functioning. Brain activities are different for kids and adults; therefore, consult an expert before practicing.

2 – Eat chocolates – Everyone must have been instructing you not to eat chocolates. But guess what, we recommend you eat it (of course in a limited amount). There are magic mushrooms infused with chocolates that help you improve your concentration levels. Most people in Washington, DC, prefer this way of dealing with focus-related problems. Experts from purple penthouse washington dc suggest that it stimulates brain cell growth while accelerating your focus abilities.

3 – Sleep – Sleep deprivation can be why you can’t focus on anything around. It hampers your cognitive functionalities to the core. So, ensure you take a sound sleep of at least 8 hours a day.

The final takeaway is that –

The overall impact of strategies followed for improved concentration levels depend on your consistency. You can accelerate the results with solid brain training while controlling your neurological state. Even after surfing through these strategies doesn’t give you positive results, then you should consider seeking advice from a neurologist at the earliest.

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