Kaitlyn Vera age, height, bodybuilder wiki and lesser known facts

Kaitlyn Vera is more famous as hardcore Kaitlyn and she is more recognized as a bodybuilder and fitness model. She has even won several bodybuilding competitions and even won various awards. Currently, she is running her gym in Las Vegas and working with a number of brands like Hummer USA Fitness, which is a clothing brand. There are other brands too for which she is working with Bikini Alchemist (A bikini brand by designer Renee Paz) and Cuisine Art (A Nutrition Brand).

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Kaitlyn Vera age, height, bodybuilder wiki and lesser known facts

Her recognition and hard work

She is more famous and brilliant with an abdominal belt and slim waist and this was the highlight that helped her improve it even more. Kaitlyn is also famous for being a Miss Olympia’s contender for the coming in the field. So when anyone sees her Gluteus, striations, and muscles, they are impressive and she is constantly working at them. There are so many things on her name, she has even won NPC’s overall woman physique title in the year 2015. Not just this she was even the winner of the Sacramento show in the year 2015 Ferrigno legacy in the same year.

Her basic information

Real NameKaitlyn Vera
Date of Birth4th of May, 1985
Age35 Years as of Nov 2020
Height168 cm
SiblingYes, one young brother
Relationship statusMingled with James Martin (Robert James Martin)
EducationBS Degree
Training Days in a week6 days
Foodsalmon, broccoli, sweet potato
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – @ hardcore_kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Vera strength

Well, when she had decided to step into this world then it was also the time she felt it quite hard. But those who dream big can achieve big and that is where she collected all the strength and she achieved big today. Life is already full of challenges not just for one person but for everyone but those who collect their strength are the ones who achieve the best and it is also going to lasts. Kaitlyn is not physically strong but she is also strong from inside too and that is where their strength lies.

Kaitlyn Vera shared her tough and disciplined routine 

About routine, she said that it is the toughest part people are not able to follow their routines.  But it is the thing which is going to let you achieve the hardest of your battle. Because it is the hardest battle and people lack following this and this is where they get affected the most. Here is a glimpse of her routine –

Weight lifting

She is religiously following this into her routine and she is lifting weight average of 1.5 hours to 2 hours and of course, this is not a small thing.


  • Then cardio is also included in her routine and she does this at least 38 minutes every day in the morning in 6 days a week.
  • Also 3 sessions of 15 minutes and 3 times in a week at the night.

Chest Day 

  • This is also into her routine and she has kept it separated and it has also benefitted her in many ways –
  • 5 sets of the 15 dumbbells pull over-concentrated on the chest
  • 5 sets of the 15 dumbbell incline press
  • Then 5 sets of the chest press on the hammer machine- supersets
  • Then 15 sets of push-ups
  • 4 sets of the 15 low cable fly
  • Lastly, she ends these sets by doing her 4 sets of the 15 machine fly.

Back day

  • Then there are 5 sets of pyramids (this increases weight decrease reps with every set) rep scheme 20, 15, 12, 10, 08
  • 4 sets of 12 bent over
  • Then 4 sets of 12 neutral grip lat pull down (this is one of hardest which she does and in this, she has to stretch out at the top and hold the contraction at the bottom)
  • 4 sets of 15 standing single are lat pull in
  • 4 sets- seated narrow grip cable row
  • 4 sets of wide grip support barrow

Then there are so many things on which she focuses, from abs to arms day work out and she equally gives importance to every part of her body. She says those who are also dreaming about joining the gym out of a passion they can surely do well but they’ll have to focus their attention on the right place. Gym is longest and a bigger commitment and people are much afraid of giving it everything then it is a little bit difficult. But if anyone truly decides to give their hundred and ten percent commitment then they can truly achieve the higher goal. But for that people will have to show this commitment.

Actually, girls hardly think about building up their body and making their career into it but those who truly decide on themselves are far away from others. So when Kaitlyn had also decided many had questioned will she be able to do it or not or many other questions like this. But then she has not just decided but she also remained successful in achieving so and she has reached the right place.

Inspiration for young people

Those who think that they can achieve and they can do are the ones who really make their dream possible and real. But those who do not think good for themselves are the ones who really do not care. So to young people, who are looking to make their dream real, they can do it but for that, they will have to give their hundred and ten percent commitment. So they only need to keep their faith in themselves and if they do so they will never receive any disappointment. But those who put their faith in someone else are only going to be disappointed.  Go ahead to the young people who are also future of many and they can live their life to the fullest while achieving bigger into their lives. All the best!

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