Julia Vins age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Julia Vins is a famous female weightlifter, model, and social media motivator, who got fame for her effective skills and doll-like appearance. She got fame in 2016 as a powerlifter. She took a music exam in college and was a very brilliant musician. She is extremely active in various social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here, you will get the complete details about Julia Vins Bio, Family, and Unknown Facts.

Julia Vins was born in Kostanai, Ekaterinburg, Engels (Russia) on 21st May 1996. She is currently 24 years of age. Julia Vins’ weight is 135-145lbs (61.2-65.8kg), and her height is 5’5 (165 cm). Her horoscope sign is Gemini, and the Chinese horoscope sign is Rat. Her nationality is Russian. She has black shade eyes, and her hair shade is brown.

julia vins

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Julia Vins age, height, profession, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameJulia Vins
Date of Birth21 May 1996
Place of BirthEngels, Russia
Professionweightlifter, model, Influencer
Age24 Years Approx ( Nov 2020 )
Height165 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net Worth1.5 M $ Approx
Social MediaInstagram – @ julia_vins

Twitter – @ vinsjulia

Education, Childhood, and Family

When Julia Vins was a kid, she had no interest in gym and fitness. She was very brilliant in academics. During her school days, she studied art and music without any actual desire for sports. She always participated in a music contest, reading, and art-related competitions. But Vins was not satisfied with her life. Conversely, when Julia Vins was 15, she found weightlifting, which she begins doing to get in figure and achieve self-confidence.

In 2014, She won the World Powerlifting Contents in Moscow. According to sources, Julia Vins has not revealed his mother and father’s name. Julia Vins is the only kid of her parents and has no brother and sister. If we receive any information about her parents, we will update this page. Many people know Julia Vins as a star with a striking fan base. She has many followers on her social media platform.

Career and Personal Relationship

After beginning the powerlifting training, Vins started entering various competitions. From the beginning, she began gaining attention as a consequence of her successful competition. Julia Vins participated in the first major professional weightlifting competition in 2014 when she looked at the World Powerlifting Championships in Russia.

Julia Vins broke three major world records in the procedure and beat a 105kg bench press, 180kg squat, and 165kg deadlift. Besides, she participated in many events in Finland, where she achieved the first position in each one. Most remarkably was the 2018 Professional Weightlifting Open, where she again conquered the contest.

Julia Vins is extremely popular on Instagram due to her facial beauty, arm & leg muscles. She is not married, but she is in a serious relationship with Sergei Back, who is also a heavy powerlifter, fitness coach and lives in Russia. She got the nickname “Muscle Barbie” because of her attractive look and the huge size.

Diet and Nutrition

She is very conscious about her diet, supplement, and nutrition. After entering the weightlifting, she changed her diet, comprising of 5 to 6 meals in a day. Her diet comprises vegetables, rice, eggs, and chicken.

Meal 1: One egg and two egg whites, 70g of oatmeal, one soft gel Krill Omega 3, and two tabs Multicore + 2 tabs CLA Tonalin.

Meal 2: 50g of rice and vegetables and 100g of chicken breast

Meal 3: 50g of buckwheat and vegetables, and 100g of chicken breast,

Pre-Workout Shake: 1 scoop N.O. SHOX + 10g BCAA 8:1:1

Meal 4: 70g of rice, 100g of beef, and vegetables, and one scoop 100% Whey Hydro Isolate + 10g BCAA 8:1:1

Meal 5: 50g of buckwheat, 100g of fish, and vegetables

Bedtime Shake: 1 scoop of Xtreme Casein

Accomplishments and Championships

  • 2014: World Weightlifting Championships – 1st
  • 2016: World Weightlifting Championships – 1st
  • 2015: Iron Bull Push-Pull – 1st
  • 2019: Rebel Power Push-Pull – 1st, and Finnish Nationals – 1st,
  • 2018: Pro Open Weightlifting Championships – 1st, and Equipped Finnish Nationals – 1st,

Personal Records

  • Bench Press: 363.7lb (165kg)
  • Squat: 556.6lb (252.5kg)
  • Deadlift: 424.4lb (192.5kg)
  • Total: 624.3lb (283.2kg)

Julia Vins – Five Days Workout: 

Day One – Cardio, Legs, Calves

  • Squats: 4-8 reps/5 sets
  • Treadmill: 1-2 Hours
  • Leg Extensions: 8 reps/5 sets
  • Leg Press: 6-10 reps/5 sets
  • Seated Calf Raise: 8 reps/3 sets
  • Standing Calf Raise: 12 reps/3 sets

Day Two – Chest, Triceps (light)

  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 5-8 reps/5 sets
  • Bench Press: 5 reps/5 sets
  • Skull-Crushers: 8 reps/3 sets
  • Flat Dumbbell Flyes: 12 reps/3 sets
  • Close-grip Bench Press: 5 reps/3 sets

Day Three – Shoulders, Triceps (heavy)

  • Military Press/Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 5 reps/3 sets
  • Front Raises: 5-8 reps/3 sets
  • Lateral Raises: 5-8 reps/3 sets
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 5-8 reps/5 sets
  • Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises: 5-8 reps/3 sets
  • Flat Dumbbell Flyes: 12 reps/3 sets
  • Skull-Crushers: 8 reps/3 sets

Day Four – Legs, Calves

  • Squats: 4-8 reps/5 sets
  • Leg Extensions (lying leg curls): 8 reps/5 sets
  • Leg Press: 6-10 reps/5 sets
  • Seated Calf Raise: 8 reps/3 sets
  • Standing Calf Raise: 12 reps/3 sets

Day Five – Triceps, Back, Chest, Biceps

  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 5-8 reps/5 sets
  • Bench Press: 5 reps/5 sets
  • Flat Dumbbell Flyes: 12 reps/3 sets
  • Close-grip Bench Press: 5 reps/3 sets
  • Skull-Crushers: 8 reps/3 sets
  • Lat Pull-Downs: 8 reps/3 sets
  • Weighed Pull-Ups: 8 reps/3 sets
  • T-Bar Rows: 5 reps/3 sets
  • Barbell Biceps Curls: 5-10 reps/3 sets
  • Deadlifts: 5-10 reps/3 sets
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curls: 5-10 reps/3 sets

Julia Vins Net Worth

Julia Vins is among the richest Russian powerlifter and fitness model. She resides in Russia, where 144.0 million peoples with an average GDP of $1.5 trillion. As per the latest news, Julia Vins has total assets of $1.5 Million.

Unknown Facts about Julia Vins

Julia Vins is a weightlifter and has a doll-like pretty face and body. Julia Vins’s powers are affectionate, gentle, adaptable, curious, quick learning ability, exchange of ideas & her weaknesses are inconsistency, nervous, and indecisive. Her preferred foods are Buckwheat, Beef, Rice, Eggs, Chicken, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Oatmeal, Dairy, and Beans.

She is too famous due to her unique personality and looks. The preferred supplements are CLA, Creatine, and BCAAs – 30-60g/day, Fish oil, Vitamins, and Glutamine. She also runs a YouTube channel named Julia Vins, which has more than 83 k subscribers.

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