Maintaining dental hygiene for kids – tips from babies to teenagers

Maintaining dental care for kids should be a priority for parents. The reason is that good oral health goes a long way in building a child’s confidence. Thus, teaching them about proper dental hygiene and selecting a good dentist for kids becomes essential for keeping your kids’ teeth in shape.

It is usual for a kid to be afraid of a visit to the dentist or avoid brushing. However, the promotion of dental health should start early to avert future issues. Also, some tips can help a parent encourage oral health among kids, from babies to teenagers.

Maintaining dental hygiene for kids

Early Visits To The Dentist

The prospect of a dentist looking into one’s mouth with his tools can be daunting for a child. Thus, you may face issues convincing a toddler to visit a dentist. However, their fear lessens when you take your child for regular dental visits at an early age.

Also, selecting a pediatric dentist foryour kids would be advisable, as they can skillfully handle nervous kids. A pediatric dentist for kids receives proper training to distract the kids with festive activities and create a positive environment for the child.

The more positive environment is created, the more interested the kids in visiting a dentist would be.

Cleaning of gums is essential.

This may sound a little exaggerated, but dental care should be a priority even if you have a baby who has no teeth. Experts advise cleaning the babies’ gums with a soft cloth after their feeding time. Now, this avoids building up food and bacteria in the gums. This should be continued until the first teeth erupt.

Also, schedule a visit to the dentist when the child becomes one year old. This would ensure that your baby’s oral health remains in superb condition, and the dentist can advise at every stage.

Brushing Should Be a Fun Ritual

Brushing is a task that is considered boring by kids of all ages. However, a lack of brushing can lead to various oral issues. Thus, it is advisable to make brushing a fun-filled task for kids. Parents can do this by switching on their favorite tune while brushing with them.

Also, you can even play a game of counting the number of strokes they did for each part of the mouth. You can even let the kids pick the toothbrush having their favorite cartoon character. This would make picking and using a toothbrush a fun-filled task.

Limit Intake of Sugary Drinks

Many kids often develop a sweet tooth when they start feeding on things other than their mother’s milk. However, too much sugar can hamper the oral care of your kids. Thus, it is advisable to limit the intake of sugary drinks and snacks at an early age only. It would be better to encourage the kids to start taking food items that promote good dental health for the kids.

Avoid Booth Feed Before Going To Bed

Bzbies, and for that matter, even some toddlers, often feel the need to suckle at their bottles while sleeping. However, this leads to the formation of a coat of milk on the gums and the new teeth. This can hamper their oral health to a great extent. Thus, experts often advise not to allow the kids to bottle feed before bed.

Final Words

By the age of seven, kids learn to brush and floss. This is the age when the parents should ensure that the kids are doing it right. Also, parents can teach them about oral care and emphasize maintaining it through brushing and the tips mentioned above.

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