Are You A Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

Have you tried dieting and exercising without losing weight? Unfortunately, most people think weight loss happens automatically with these strategies, but this is not true for everyone. Some people might have thyroid issues or slow metabolism, making losing weight challenging. Thus, Lonestar Bariatrics might be ideal for them as they recommend strategies to reduce the size of the stomach and absorption surface and reduce food intake, reducing the calories absorbed. Weight loss occurs when your body burns more calories than it absorbs. The calorie deficit will make the body synthesize the excess stored fats into energy. These are reasons bariatric surgery might be ideal for you.

Bariatric Surgery


Obesity occurs due to excessive weight gain, and some people might find it challenging to lose the excess weight by dieting and exercising alone. Thus, bariatric surgery might be ideal if you are obese, as the surgery is effective for weight loss. You can opt for bariatric strategies that reduce the size of the stomach and the absorption surface for effective weight loss. Obesity might lead to joint pain as it exerts pressure on the joints and sometimes might result in immobility. Thus, you should consult a dietician and physical therapist to get the best results after bariatric surgery. The physical therapist will guide you on the best exercises which firm the muscles, and a dietician will choose the healthy food which improves your health.

Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart disease results from high cholesterol levels. The cholesterol deposits around the heart muscles exert pressure on the organ leading to a heart problem. Additionally, the cholesterol might deposit on the vascular system, thus reducing the diameter of the veins and arteries, making it impossible for the blood to flow effectively. Therefore your heart will strain, pumping the blood to the essential organs resulting in high blood pressure. On the other hand, a stroke may occur due to the high cholesterol deposits which block the blood supply to the brain resulting in low oxygen supply and organ failure. Bariatric surgery will reduce high cholesterol levels, thus preventing heart disease and strokes.

It Is a Permanent Solution for Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is a permanent solution to weight loss and is ideal for everyone. Although you might need nutrient supplements when you reduce the absorption surface, the surgery is an ideal long-lasting solution for weight gain.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea results in involuntary snoring at night and teeth grinding and results from excessive tissues in the airways due to weight gain. Thus, it reduces sleep quality and leads to insomnia and tiredness during the day. You may reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea with bariatric surgery.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is associated with a high-calorie diet that increases blood sugar and causes insulin intolerance. Since bariatric surgery reduces calorie intake, it would be ideal for people with type 2 diabetes. It might reduce the severity of the condition and the reliance on medications to deal with the symptoms.

Bariatric surgery is a medically-guided weight loss strategy ideal for people who cannot lose weight by exercising and dieting. Thus, it is ideal for individuals with type 2 diabetes as it reduces glucose intake, reducing the severity of the health condition and reliance on medications. It is an ideal solution for obesity, as excess weight causes knee pain, immobility, and other health issues. You could choose bariatric surgery to deal with heart disease and other conditions effectively. However, you should work with a dietician and physical therapist after the surgery to stay healthy and physically fit.

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