High Protein Diet and Losing Weight

With a lot of research and surveys done on does a high protein diet help lose weight, there are views that each has, with a different perspective. I have a list of some of the few expert views and findings. Let’s take a look.

Experts believe that following a high protein diet helps increase an amino acid called ‘leucine’, which is a muscle regulator that improves the composition of the body. It helps to maintain the muscle mass while burning more of fats, eventually reducing the body fat and helping in weight loss. They also stated that the recommended intake of protein depends on the body weight and requirements.

Protein aids in suppressing hunger, and also keeps you feeling fuller for long. You feel less hungry, which helps you manage your daily recommended calorie intake. With meal plans for a high protein diet, there is a rare chance of your snack and food cravings between meals. Hence, a high protein diet will support weight loss.

Another finding of a study showed that since a high protein diet gives very few options to choose from, it becomes a tendency to eat less as the diet is repeated, serving the same palate each time, thus making it dull, which then makes one eat less.

high protein diet

A study showed that a diet high in proteins along with exercise could trigger weight loss and also increase blood fat levels. It is also proved that though there is no exact scientific explanation as to how does high protein diet helps weight loss, there is speculation that a high protein diet suppresses the release of hunger stimulating hormones. A possibility is that the low carbs and high proteins affect the appetite cells of the brain chemistry that suppresses hunger, which may be a lost link.

Proteins could make people feel fuller for a longer time, as compared to people on any other diet. The study showed people eating considerably less with a high protein diet.

While we have supporters for a high protein diet, there are opinions contradicting the high protein diet for weight loss theory.

A study showed that a high protein diet could result in loss of essential nutrients in the body, as only proteins are consumed and the body is deprived of other necessary nutrients required.

According to experts, a high protein diet will help lose weight in the initial stages, but that will be due to the loss of fluids. Proteins and carbs in the body help retain the body water in the cells, and the body will lose water weight and not fats. The high protein will increase the uric acid and urea in the blood. As a result, the body uses more water to flush out these toxins.

Protein diets may also work well only with athletes, as digesting high amount of protein is not easy for a normal person. A lot of high protein diets have saturated fats that may cause further risks.

A high intake of proteins may also leach calcium from the bones, and can lead to many complications. A high protein diet is only beneficial for short term weight loss.

Does a high protein diet help lose weight, still awaits a concrete answer with scientific proof. Since all our bodies are different, for some people this diet may help lose weight, while for some it may not. What is suggested is that our body is not designed to survive on one nutrient only. It needs a balance of all the essential nutrients for its healthy functioning. So a balanced diet combined with good exercise is the key to maintaining the perfect balance of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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