Dieting: Is It A Long Term Approach?

Many of us want to lose weight. Most of us want to lose weight faster. But only a few of us ponder is the weight loss achieved going to be for the lifetime or is going to come back. When we decide to lose weight, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the diet plan. It is surprising to know that only a few of the patients know that diet has little to do with weight loss. Whatever effect it has on the bodyweight is very transient. As soon as the diet is changed back to normalcy the normal weight comes back.


Diet, a Short Term Approach

Dieting is not a long-term approach. In case you are looking forward to attending a cocktail party 2 weeks ahead, a diet plan can definitely help you out. But in case you want to attend these cocktail parties more often there has to be a permanent solution to the weight loss. The short-term diet plan, therefore, has to be relayed further with the best lifestyle changes. If you want to read more about the best diet plans available in the market that really work.

Relay The Lifestyle Changes

The overall body weight is the net result of what we eat and what we burn. When there is a right balance between these two parameters, there can be a steady and stable body weight attained. With respect to dieting, you start at reducing the body weight at the set goal. Along with this dietary change, you should also stop doing things that add weight to the body and do things that relieve the weight from the body. Here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to follow for a permanent weight loss solution. So, whatever diet plan you take should be part of the lifestyle. A short-term crash diet course can no doubt reduce the bodyweight but for a permanent effect, this diet course should be later supplemented with an essential weight management diet. So if the diet is effective for the short term, it has to be substantiated for long-term results. It is not good to continue with the crash diet course for a lifetime. This is because it can result in metabolic disorders that can lead to severe undernourishment.

A Short term diet can put 30 lbs off your body in just 30 days, but the problem here is that the body tends to regain the lost weight within a year’s time. However, if you go on smoothly on another plan the weight loss may be slow but it will be an everlasting result. In this alternative program, the concentration is not only on what you eat but how well you manage the diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors. In this method, you may lose only 20 lbs in a period of 3 months which is a long-term diet plan but the end result is almost permanent. So, when the dieting is done with a focus on overall lifestyle change, the effect is prolonged for a long period of time until the lifestyle changes are continued.

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